Masculine/feminine energy unite

So we have just experience the New Moon and Solstice back to back.  Our Sun has shown its brightest and now its time for him to walk into the darkness.  Now, let’s think about this.  This energy is especially strong considering the Venus transit we just had.  The Sun (masculine energy) is now going away and the feminine energy is coming to the front.  This feminine energy is all about fertility.  The Sun has shown his brightest and is now joined (sacred marriage) to the feminine..impregnation!  Yes, its time folks.  For all of you saying “I wanna do”  now is time!  We are rebalancing now..ying/yang.  The greatest thing…even the stars are supporting us at this time!  The feminine is about listening to our intuition..YES!  You have to listen to you.  Even the Masculine is softening, and this needs to be happening.  The feminine energies are here.  We need to remember that yes we may be one gender, but we need to balance those energies and allow them to work together.  ITS TIME!

Sure there can be some confusion going on.  And yes I will speak of men now.  Not to beat up men, NO, to nurture them!  Women are encouraged to feel their feelings, men are NOT!  So when men are beginning to feel their feelings, this can cause confusion.   ITS OK MEN!  Women are used to this,and yes this energy is allowing women to feel more of their feelings as well.  But this is part of the balancing.  This is part of us realizing that we are ONE.  We have to trust our feelings and trust ourselves.  We have to allow this within us to be able to use this awesome gift.  This gift is our power..inner power and our inner knowing!  And even for the women in these mens lives, be there for them.  Women are used to their many feelings, not all men are used to that.  This energy is causing change..yes lots and lots of change in many different ways.  I am seeing women standing up more for themselves, which can be a little intimidating to men, but again this is OK.  Women, just remember to work from the heart!

Understand that these feelings are OK.  Sure you may have to take some time to yourself and YES you will have to do your form of meditation.  This is change.  Ask for guidance, be open to it and it surely will come to you!    If you are needing assistance, please contact me for a consultation and I can help you navigate through this time ♥

Many Blessings & Namaste ♥♥

~ by SironaRose on June 21, 2012.

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