Summer Solstice



This year has really started out being one of tremendous energy and normally what follows this kind of energy is change.  Yes there is a lot of change going on in people’s lives right now.  Jobs, relationships, homes even our ways of thinking seem to completely changing.  As we are approaching the Summer Solstice, we are reminded yet again of change.  Now a days, this is known as the first day of summer.  For our ancestors this was known as a first harvest.  This is the time that Mother Earth Gaia is at her ripeness!  Her fruits are big and ready to fall.  She is bountiful, the full pregnant Mother ready to give birth. At this time we are wanting to go out experience Gaia in all her beauty.  Smell her fragrant flowers, bite into her juicy fruits and feel the soft rich grass beneath our feet.  Completely connecting to Her in her most abundant time feeling her raw energy soaring through us as well.  

Happy Solstice ☼

Namaste ♥

The Solstice is also the time where the sun is at its fullest.  Shining as brightly as possible so he can begin his walk into the darkness once more.  As much as we are enjoying our time, we also are understanding the bitter sweetness of this.  We cant help but to take this energy within ourselves.  Realizing that with this bounty, there is another change coming.  I know a lot of us are saying “More change??  REALLY?”  But yes.  We are now seeing what seeds we did plant.  We are seeing just where our energy went to.  Was your productive?  We are also seeing how things/people might be leaving our lives or new ones joining our lives.  The energy of Summer Solstice is very similar to the energy of Samhain/Halloween, the veil is thinning.  At this point with as much energy as Gaia has been experiencing I feel this is going to be intense for some. Maybe this is what you need.  Maybe your needing this push to bring you out of your comfort zone on a path that speaks to your heart.  One that at first make seem crazy, but end up making complete sense.  

Change will bring clarity, we just have to want to see it.  Change brings us closer to ourselves and forces us to listen to our intuition.  It maybe masked as chaos and you feel you are in a whirl wind of this chaos with no way out, just breath and be STILL.  When we become still, find the stillness with in, be begin to see the bigger picture.  We begin to take that chaotic energy and transform it into productive things.  We begin to work with the energy, flowing with it, instead of fighting it and allowing it to drain us.  We sit back, breath, step outside that box then begin to see the clarity.  It may not happen right away, just give it some time.  Be open to change and then see just how efficiently change can work for you, instead of against you.

~ by SironaRose on June 19, 2012.

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