What a day??  WOW  feeling all this crazy energy going on.  Communications not being met, relationships on the line, misunderstanding…I could go on and on.  Deep Breath!!!!

Now lets see open lines of communication..hearts  being mended together….every one on the same level of communication…..all the rough edges being smoothed out, curves being straightened, all blocks removed.   Energy is flowing easily and peacefully to us..every thing is working in harmony…..fill your heart with love…. radiate that love outside of you…breath… gentle to yourself…hug yourself….feel the peace…………….


I had to add this!  Some many are going through so much.  Please dont allow your emotions to rule you.  Please see things from all angles.  Show yourself kindness…Many are going through tremendous changes….dont fear, just release and flow…take care of yourself and please love yourself!

Many Blessings..Namaste

~ by SironaRose on June 13, 2012.

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