Energy of Venus Transit



I, like many of you, have been reading and listening to tons of material on the Venus transit and the feminine energy she is bringing to Earth.  Honestly, I have really been feeling this myself.  For me the feeling is like a death.  I am feeling the Goddess go through a death only to be reborn stronger, wiser and most of all more loving.  I am also seeing that it is causing great change in many folks.  This is appearing to be a rough time for most.  We are, I believe, developing a new kind of back bone.  One that is standing in truth and love.  When we are standing in our truth and love, we are listening to our hearts.  The heart is where we should all be centered, is it the first organ formed while in the womb of our Mothers.

As I am taking in this energy, I am becoming more aware of the relationships that I have formed through my life and those that are in existence as of now. I have always been the kind of person to help others. I will give and give until I am completely wiped out!   When I see a friend down or needing help I do so with out regard of myself and most of the time of my family.  I cant tell you how many times I have lost money paying clients to help a friend in need.  Is that right or wrong??  Well I am not looking at it that way, what I must look at is “Is this in harmony with me?”.  That mean Spiritually, physically, emotionally etc.  I do how ever back off when talking to my friends begins to hurt my heart center or my stomach.  Meaning they are going through some really negative toxic stuff and they need to meditate and work through some stuff first…or they are just shifting it over to you.  Being an energy worker, you are able to SEE most of what others are hiding and you can especially read between the lines.  I can tell you point blank that, in my past, I have over extended myself to friends, lovers/husbands and some times clients.  Its not a matter of right or wrong, its a matter of are you giving too much of yourself.  You have to realize that you can only guide some one out of their hell to a certain point, then they have to do the rest and unfortunately some are lazy and not willing to do the work necessary to go forward.  As we all do our Spiritual work, we are supposed to go forward reaching a more enlightened state of being.  Become more conscious, higher consciousness and frequency.  Those things that you used to put up with, well you no longer want to, so they begin to fall away.  Its a process and if you want better, you will do better.  You will not wait for any thing, you will begin yourself.  This is YOUR path and you have to walk it.  Sure there will be those that will come into your life to walk beside you for a bit, but you must understand this is your path and its your responsibility.  NO judgment here, it is simply what it is.  And if you begin to make judgments upon people, all you are doing is reflecting.

How does this have anything to do with Venus Energy??  Well simply this.  Feminine energy is about intuition, wisdom, nurturing, love…heart!  This is about making decisions with your heart center.  This energy is feeling to me like the death of the Goddess and being reborn, ie you are leaving all the negative things and people behind you to become stronger, more intuitive (listening and trusting SELF) to bring more peace and love into your life.  If you are always the one uplifting some one, well then maybe time to release that situation.  This doesnt mean you love them less, it means you are loving you more and they will either catch up with you or not.  See the point here is nurturing you.  How is it loving and nurturing to you when you are speaking with some one and you begin to feel pain??  Its not.  This is not about being mean or unloving, it is a message that this is a lower frequency and not a match for yours.  Sure things are not easy, but you came here to evolve, to learn, to grow…how can you grow and learn when you always choose the easiest path?  You have to be on a vibrational match or it simply will not work.  And you have to clear out your baggage inside, have to let it go!  This death of the Goddess, is about that.  So allow the death of the sweet Goddess Venus to bring about that death in yourself..all the toxicity that you have let develop, baggage that needed to be released long ago, self doubt, self sabotaging and allow the Her rebirth to be your rebirth.  Bring you into a more happier you.  Loving yoursef!  Eat right, move your body and if you dance…DANCE your bootie off!  Its time to be in your heart!  NO more blaming others for your short comings.  Sure there are times we have to be around those that are not on our vibration..the trick is simply to remain in your heart center, your peace while all the chaos is going on around you!  Be the peace you want to see in the world, be the love you want to see in the world.  And how you might ask do you do this???  Well you have to ask yourself this question, “Who is more evoloved???”   If you know better, then do better.  Own your own power and truth now..its YOURS and no one elses!  Stay in your peace.  Mediocracy always attacks excellence!

~ by SironaRose on June 5, 2012.

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