Human Angels


Most of us believe in Angelic presence.  We believe in guardian angels, those sent to look over us, and we believe in arch angels.  One thing we may forget about is the human angels that come into our lives.  We may get carried away with all that is going on, or we just dont take a moment and recognize them.  I promise you, they are around you in your times of need as well.

Human Angels are always trying to help some one at many many points in their life.  They give of themselves, loving unconditional, until some times there is nothing left to give.  Their will to help, seems to over run their survival instinct, or is it that they just are willing to make that sacrifice for some one they believe is worth it?  You see, Human Angels always see the good in people.  They see all the hope, love and what all that person could be in folks.  They look into eyes and see such beauty that they over look all the other that is going on around.  Some say its a flaw, but most the times I have found it is a gift.  Because that one single action could make a world of a difference.  They see so much possibilities they are willing to do all they possibly can to help.  Even neglecting their basic needs so that another can benefit.  They come almost to the rescue trying to help some one that has appealed to their heart.  They dont expect anything in return, but honestly most of us couldnt even begin to pay them back.  The masters of unconditional love, no matter how bad their special some one hurts their heart, they continue to be there for them.

Human Angels come in all shapes, sizes, colors…many different ways.  Offering love and support. May not be exactly what you are wanting but they come in ways that are for your highest good.  They usually end up with some one that does not respect or appreciate them for all the wonderfulness pouring out of them.  Even being abused at times.  I want to every one to examine their lives to see the Human Angel in their life…or are YOU one?  Shine your light bright, Human Angels!  Help all you can, but please try to be mindful of the self.  Understanding when enough is enough, its OK to just let go.


~ by TerraRubrae on May 26, 2012.

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