The Law of ONE


I feel that we must remember this as we continue on with our lives..on a daily, minute by minute basis:


We are all ONE.
When one is harmed, all are harmed.
When one is helped, all are Healed.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM,
and I AM ONE with all;
I ask that only that which is the Highest Good of all concerned happen here and now, and through all time and space.
I give thanks that this is done.
And So It Is!


Now, truly take this into consideration.  Would you change anything in your life right now?  If we truly want change in our world, we must keep this first on our minds.  We must get past all the fear and surrender to a higher consciousness.  We are blessed with free will, so we are responsible for making our decisions and we are also responsible for the outcome as well.

May you all be deeply blessed!

Namaste ☼

~ by TerraRubrae on May 24, 2012.

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