New Moon Gemini/Solar Eclipse


We are approaching the New Moon/solar eclipse on the 20th of May..what a powerful time!  Last weekend was the energy of sitting still for a moment, now today feeling the ‘getting things going” then the New Moon which is the darkest, our going inside.   I am very much loving this energy coming in.  We went from the Super Full Moon that dealt with emotions to this New Moon that is communication.  The element of Air has swooped in with its energy of communication touched with the dark moon..hmmmm  I am feeling the energy for a thirst for greater knowledge/understandings.  I wouldnt be surprised if a few of you that have been having some inner changes start to bring them to the open right after this New Moon.  With the solar ring of fire on the same day I am sensing some things that will knock us off of what we were considering our foundations.

Are you beginning to see things differently?  Beginning to feel unhappiness about your circumstances?  Inside feeling like you are wanting big changes?  I feel this energy will be a wonderful time to do those things that need to be done in order to become your authentic self.  It feels the energy of the world is that feeling.  Things are working as they are, we need to find some thing better, a path more harmonically aligned.  What are your obstacles?  Get rid of them!  Time to trust in your own intuition, your internal GPS!  This New Moon can help you ground some of the anxiety or overwhelmed feelings you might be having.  Cut things no longer needed.  You may have some restless, channel that into writing, drawing, dancing…a favorite activity that helps calm you.  Feed your imagination!!!

~ by TerraRubrae on May 15, 2012.

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