Full Moon Energy

As the May 6th full moon approaches the energy seems to get stronger and stronger.  There is a ton of info about this Super Moon in Scorpio, and yes I can resonate with most of it.  I am feeling the energy of growth from Beltane plus the energy of the transition of Samhain (Scorpio).  This full moon is one of purifying light, to fill us up with that energizing light.  This Scorpio Super Moon, I feel is bring about great truth for people.  It seems that folks are being enlightened in many different ways.  They are realizing truths about themselves hidden deeply with in.  Folks that are living lives not completely for themselves are waking up.  Some going through deep depression because they simply do not know what they want because they have compromised themselves away.  They feel they have lost a bit of themselves.  I will tell you that you are not, turn on the light and you will be shown the way.  We always have the answers, we just have to be willing to see them.  The time for the Guru is gone!  Sure you can ask for assistance, but you have to make decisions on your own by guidance you are given.  It is OK to ask for this assistance, some times you just need to see things outside the box to understand it better!  Its about feeling better, being in love and happiness and doing what feels right and good for you!  Others can help guide you and remind you but its ALL up to YOU!!  Lets step out of our fear and remember who you are!

Another thing I have notice is folks that have been single for a long time, with no wanting to have a mate, are beginning to want one.  I am feeling that the time for some to be with our twin flames is now.  Sure, there will be some that will not be with their twin flames and will remain with soul mates.  Then there will be others that will be changing things around them completely, realizing that they are not living their truths and wanting to begin.

We are here to grow, stagnation is not good for us.  You must keep energy moving with you allowing the flow to happen.  Let go of toxicity in your life.  Release all the excess and things that keep you from being centered.  Surround yourself with what brings you to you..what makes YOU feel good!!  Breath and be happy!


~ by TerraRubrae on May 3, 2012.

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