Exploring the Divine Feminine



There are a lot of blogs and articles out there talking about Divine Feminine energy and how it is awakening women.  How it is helping women open up and blossom, becoming strong women and learning who they are.  Enabling them to advance on their paths, where at one time all one could see is obstacles.  Now that being said, and I DO believe it is completely awesome-ness, I would like to focus on how this energy is affecting MEN.  Yes I said MEN!

I do believe that a lot of men get a bad rap.  When men are little boys some are taught how to suppress feelings.  At first it is OK for them to cry when hurt or just uneasy, but then they get a bit older and taught that boys dont cry.  I for one believe this is where the Divine Feminine starts to get put out.  They are being told, although maybe not directly, that having feelings mean they are that not a “real” man.  Being taught to hold in emotions, I believe, is what starts the anger inside.  They have these feelings and dont know how to express them and fit into society.  Only adding to more pain inside of them and yes more of shutting that Divine Feminine energy out.

I feel this is why a lot of men now are having such hard times.  The increase in the feminine energy on Mother Earth is causing them to be a bit off kilter.  And not knowing how to deal with this energy, it is manifesting itself is other ways and yes mostly negative.  They are having to deal with energy that has been suppressed in them, for some a very long time.  I am seeing lots of insecurity arise.  And this can cover several different things.  Mostly, I am seeing an insecurity with their other half.  And for some, it has to do with their jobs or positions they have.  I feel the most important thing is to nurture them.  Understand they are going through some rough stuff.  Its hard to begin feeling things that you have suppressed and then to have feelings????  WOW               Men are supposed to be strong, the hunters, protectors not a weeping insecure mess.  I am here to say they ARE all those things and more!  For those of us women who have awaken the Divine Feminine within and have seen how beautiful it is and how much inspiration and how much love it has brought to into our lives…just imagine what it can do for your man, or men in general!

I am for the healing of humanity and I believe that if we all are connecting and help each other on our paths, things can heal a lot quicker.  We are connected even though we are physically separate.  Honor the divine within each other.  Seeing our inner beauty and embracing it!


~ by SironaRose on April 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “Exploring the Divine Feminine”

  1. Thank you for sharing your beauty.

  2. Thank you for your blog. I think, many women need it. So true, what you’ve written. I observe men’s unsecurity in relationships. Unfortunately, it leads to cheating very often… So sad…

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