Waiting…this is how I am feeling..As if I am expecting something, but what??  The solar flares and now the earthquakes.  I am still feeling divine feminine energy sweep through Earth.  Since Ostara its been about growth, things are wanting to go forward with such great movement.  Love is deeply in the air.  This energy has taken some people off guard.  While it has helped some, for others it has caused great confusion and chaos.  This feminine energy that is sweeping through is causing a let go of the old paradigm.  This energy is teaching us to stand on our own two feet.  Stop expecting some one to save you, some wonderful prince to sweep you off your feet and you live happily ever after.  Its about YOU!  This energy is about you being YOU.  Discovering all of you, in the purest rawest form possible.  YOU living happily ever after!  You are having to be responsible for you alone.  You have had the energy to release the old, but some still cling..why?  Well, maybe your just not ready and thats OK.  Just know that you will continue to go through the same hurt over and over until you learn..until you decide you want some thing better for yourself and move on.  There is no more blaming, its all YOU!  The past is the past and we are in the NOW.  The Divine Feminine is offering love, yes, but its the kind of love that requires you to be accountable for all that you do.  Be honest in your deeds.  Be in TRUTH!  Your truth.  You dont have to pretend you are better than you are..there is no one better than you and you are not better than another.  Its important to keep your vibration up, do not go to hell for anyone..its their Karma!  If you are down, dont spread your negative energy around.  Listen to videos, music, look at pictures..do what ever you need to do to raise your energy back up!  We are changing now and some times ups and downs are to be expected.  Just dont stay in the down position.  Rise above it all.  Be the Phoenix and create YOU anew again.  Allow your processes and dont allow things/people to side track you, continue on your path.  You are surrounded by love, just allow it in.  Mary Magdalene came to me in meditation with such a love that is unspeakable.  This is the love that is being poured out.  There is also a lot of dolphin energy coming through on an Emerald green wave.  Allow it to open your heart chakra and heal it!  Allow this healing and watch it set you free.  You and only you have the keys to your cage and only YOU can set you free!  Fly high, but remember to stay grounded in Mother.  Allow it sweep through you and set your soul on fire!


~ by SironaRose on April 12, 2012.

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  1. Wonderful post!

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