Lilith, Divine Feminine

I started out as a shining light, a star!  Beauty radiating from me.  I loved all that I seen..for I was in paradise and paradise was in me.    I spoke with all living things and they spoke to me.  I knew their wisdom, they taught me.  This beautiful place and all its wonderful creations working and learning together.  I never cared about naming them, I accepted all for what it was for me.  I felt there was no classification for beauty such as I was beholding.  At times, I was rendered breathless by all of the magnificent.  I swam with the most amazing beings allowing myself to surrender to the water as I accepted all the love it offered me.  When hungry, I ate from the trees, when tired I rested in the lushness of Mother Earth.  I was never alone in this wonderful place of this beauty.  Then another came along.  A bit like me, but different.  Again, I stood in absolute wonder of this captivating being.  Things began to change a bit, I didnt worry too much about it, I was too busy sucking up every moment I had in this wonderful place.  Things began to change a lot and I would not.  I would not betray my soul nor the divine creatures that surrounded me.  I was being lead to see it in a way that didnt not resonate with me, one of lesser meaning, one denying the magic that surrounded me at all times.  Confusion came to me with out warning.  I didnt understand, it didnt feel right inside of me.  Even changing my name!!  I cried to my Mother tears of sorrow, confusion and frustration.  I begged for this tragic moment not to be happening.  At my moment of deep despair my Mother heard me.  Then I felt tingling in my back.  I began to notice beautiful wings come forth from my back.  Strong wings that could take me anywhere I wish to go.  I knew then that I was not to be controlled that I was free. Feeling pain from my companion, not accepting me for me, only wanted me to be beneath him I flew away.  

Not all will understand my story because most want to believe the lies that have been spoke of me.  But, I am so much more!  I am not “woman” , from the womb of man!  I AM Lilith!  I am strong, I know myself!  I can think independently and I am not afraid of my wants.  I do not harm, or eat babies for I admire all creation in this magnificent place.  Do not be afraid of my independence or my confidence for I can show you how to open up to the Divine Feminine in the truest form.

**This is a message that came to me this morning.  I have been working very deep with Divine Feminine and I am connecting with this energy from the beginning.  This is a story I am told.  I will tell more and give more as I receive it.  This is a very short story of Lilith and was told this isnt all.  I will be given more messages on Divine Feminine, other aspects, and I will pass on their stories as they tell them to me.  I feel we are so conditioned to see things in certain ways that we completely over look things as they truly are.


~ by TerraRubrae on March 28, 2012.

3 Responses to “Lilith, Divine Feminine”

  1. ♥ TerraRubrae, the wonderful message You’ve received, is word for word an impressing mirroring of my Life’s experience of 56 years, from Childhood, Youth, Womanhood till Maturity of the NOW ♥ I wept while reading it, since it touched my Heart deeply by its chronology accuracy of the Story’s events ♥ From being a shining Star, as living in a Heavenly Universe surrounded by its perfection and guidance, it turned All to Be Confusion, Chaos & Despair that made me turn to My Mother, who gave Me Wings of Freedom & Rebirth in return ♥ I AM a Free Woman ♥ I AM the Phoenix ♥ I AM Lilith, the Divine Feminine ♥

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