Divine Feminine



We have been hearing for over a year or even more how the energies of the Earth are changing.  In the past year there has been lots of talk of the Divine Feminine energy waves hitting the Earth.  And in the physical seeing natural disasters as well.  Since December 2011 I have strongly felt the Divine Feminine, especially the day after Christmas.  I felt it flow thru the Earth, the energy I felt was Mary Magdalene.  I also felt the sacred marriage about to take place.  So that explained the energy of folks wanting their twin flames.

I have spoke about us doing our work in clearing and letting go of the past.  This is one thing that is going to be key to finding your twin flame.  This Feminine energy is giving us the urge to stand up for ourselves.  Those who have always compromised their very souls in their relationships are starting to feel exhausted.  Some folks are noticing a lot of chaos in their lives.  Not sure what they are going to do.  They feel unhappy but feel like there is no way out.  There is always a way out….always.  We have to sit down and get real honest with ourselves.  These issues are coming up for reasons, deal with them.  In the past, it felt like if we had an issue we could just run and it was come back to us way later.  Now we are not able to run.  We have to deal with our “stuff” NOW.  We have to learn how to communicate from our hearts.  Communicate from a place of LOVE.  Yes you see this is the ultimate key..LOVE!  But you see this “LOVE” is not first found outward, it is found within.  You have to fall in love with yourself first!  You have to let all that negative programming out of you.  You have to learn how beautiful you are.  Learn that your not in competition with anyone.  There is not one single person as beautiful as YOU!  NOT ONE!!!  You have to heal your soul of all the bad thoughts you have/had of yourself.

In my work I hear tears from beautiful women asking why doesnt he love me?  Wow breaks my heart at times.  When I explain to them that its not them, they just dont get it.  And honestly they are crying over men that are really taking them for granted and treating them harshly.  I feel the insecurity in their voices.  Dont let some one else sway your thoughts of YOU.  Do not give some one else power over you.  Especially one that does not even respect you.  When you are at this place this is when you need to go inward and find out why you are allowing this.  Yes I said you are allowing this.  People treat you badly because you allow them to.  If they are hurting you, speak to them about it, and if they keep on. then release them.  If you cant release them then you must find out why you are having this experience, what lesson here do you need to learn?

The eruption of a lot of relationships right now has to do with this very subject.  At first, we allowed this, and now we are saying “you know what.  this doesnt feel right”.  We compromised and gave of ourselves out of love until we have pretty much exhausted ourselves.  We are angry, dont understand why we feel so bad, not sleeping well being bitter about things.  Then, feeling this inside we are guiding to things that heal us, open us to betterment.  We begin to grow and evolve and some times the other doesnt.  Now, I am not saying just leave ’em.  I am saying that you have to learn how to communicate this from your heart with love  to your loved one and go from there.  If you just feel your not meant to be with that person..well..you already have your answer.

We are seeking that one that we can share our lives with, that gets us and has unconditional love for us.  One thing we are failing to look at is “Do we have this for ourselves?”  It all starts within, with YOU.  You are worth it.  Fall in love with yourself first.  Find you!  When this gets in order, the rest will just fill in.  And you know when you continue on your path, opening expanding and blooming petal by petal all that does not resonate will fall away.  You will be vibrating at a different, higher energy one of love..the rest will not be able to stay unless you allow it in.

I know I have touched on a couple different things here, the message is allow love in you.  Deal with your stuff, know thy self and find your truth!  Take your mask off and just be you.  Allow yourself to come out of the YOU closet and defy limits, expectations and labels!  Be the mighty Phoenix and rise from your ashes, creating a life full of love for yourself!


~ by SironaRose on March 25, 2012.

One Response to “Divine Feminine”

  1. A beautiful post…

    I feel the opening of many souls this year. I equally had a few sleepless nights in late December that could be categorized as oddly like panic attacks for long periods in the wee hours. I know there are key times in our lives when we are pulled spiritually awake to more with a thug. This was one of those times. My feeling that what must be washed away to start anew is happening in our global society. What was never important but valued as such has been taken away to force the masses to see that seeking reward and security outside themselves as a means of comfort was always a fleeting endeavor. Love as you say is the necessary ingredient to healing a population of their feelings of emptiness inside. The simple act of faith in oneself and others, inspiration and hope in chaos and change and listening to wise people like you… sets us on the right path to living a richer inner life where peace can be found… finally.

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