Ostara, Spring Equinox, has arrived!  Life is springing forth with all kinds of beautiful colors and fragrant scents, singing birds and butterflies and ooo dont forget the lightning bugs……  Gaia is awake!  I even feel like I am waking up from a deep sleep.  I have more energy, want to be out breathing in the fresh air just enjoying all the deliciousness of Gaia!  Having released all things in my life no longer needed during the winter months, I am now filling up with the abundance that Spring has to offer.  I am feeling that bit of chaos..sacred geometry of the beginning of life.

The beginning of this month seemed a bit bumpy.  With all the happenings with the Sun and the Stars here lately, I am really enjoying this newer feeling energy that the beginning of Spring offers.  Quickly flowing in order to manifest magnificence.

I am pulled to the Goddess Amaryllis, the Spirit of Springtime. Amaryllis teaches us to find that Eternal Springtime within us where all is love, beauty and Divine Ritual.  Here is where we find pureness.  She rejuvenates us allowing us to go forth on our path.    I, too, am feeling this energy heal me, rejuvenating my energy allowing me to pursue my path.  My chest is feeling the fullness of all gifts Gaia is offering us right now. Helping me to fully connect to the Divine Feminine inside me.  Allowing me to learn to pull on that inner strength to overcome any obstacles in my path.  Open up to a truer version of myself, another layer peeled.  I feel as if I have stepped up another level with a bit more wisdom and compassion than before.  Developing a different kind of confidence..being real sure in my stepping.   Finding clarity were there was once none.  Releases have been made, and wonderful things have taken their place.

I wish everyone a Blessed Ostara and may Goddess Amaryllis bless you with abundance, love and help you find the Eternal Springtime inside you!

~ by TerraRubrae on March 20, 2012.

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