Clan Mother of March


The Clan Mother for this moon cycle is Weighs the truth.  She is the teacher of Divine Law, Keeper of Equality and the Guardian of Justice.  She is our judge, per  say, but rather she teaches us the principles of Divine Law.  For me the energy she carries is Karma.  In her role as Keeper of Justice, she sees all sizes of a situation so she can not be swayed by lies.  She demands justice for all no matter their position, others opinions, or material status.  She demands justice for every life form in Creation. Weighs the truth destroys deception allowing us to see all parts of our Self.

This Clan Mother is connected to the color Brown like the rich soil of Earth.  This is her connection to Divine Law.  She teaches us how to accept the truth inside us and other experience we have in life.  She teaches us to focus on what is right and strong.  When we are focusing on the right actions for us and are developing our skills and talents we are allowing our Orendas, or Spiritual Essences to expand!

Take this Clan Mother energy into you.  Allow it to help you see with in yourself.  This is the perfect time for this since Mercury is in retrograde.  See the truth inside you.  See your true Self come shining through teaching you things about yourself you never knew.  Allow this energy to help enlighten you on your path.  See your talents, work on them to make them strong.  Be the true YOU!

May you walk in peace!

~ by TerraRubrae on March 16, 2012.

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