Wisdom Keeper

I have gotten behind on talking about our Clan Mothers of the Month. Here is February’s Clan Mother.

Clan Mother of the second moon cycle is Wisdom Keeper, she is the Historian of all Earth Records.  She is the keeper of the Stone Libraries, the Protectress of Sacred Traditions and the Guardian of the Remembering and/or planetary memory.  She teaches us how to develop the Self through honoring the truth in all things.  She honors the truth by seeing each person’s Sacred Point of View, all individuals experience life’s happenings in different ways.  Wisdom Keeper teaches us that the knowledge of the expansive view of the Planetary Family is the key to Self development.  Following the truth can be quiet challenging in a world that sees only competition.  This month in particular Wisdom Keeper has spoke to me.  She has shown me how people can get lost in their own EGO, forgetting their truth therefore hindering their self growth.  Also in teaching me to stand for my truth as well and not tolerate anything that doesnt resonate with my soul.  This Clan Mother has also taught me to pull from the past experiences to be able to grow in the now.  Through remembering parts of the past it will prevent us from making the same mistakes over and over again.  Also a big reminder that if your going through the same thing over and over again, what is it you keep repeating?  What lesson are you failing to learn?

Learning our lessons from the past can keep us in our truth.  These lessons can keep us on the Red Road, keeping us closer to Spirit.  Clan Mother Wisdom Keeper tells us to pay attention to details as this can aid us in honing our awareness skills into the Medicine of being totally present in the NOW.  Being in the NOW, we are able to learn the Art of Expansion through Self development helping us grow into the magical beings we are.

Her wisdom can help us help Mother Earth by learning from the past.  Seek guidance from the Stone People, we must hear the voices of the Rock Tribe who record the Remembering for the Earth Mother.  Her Medicine is one of strength, learning from the experiences of our fathers, finding our truth so we can expand into the glorious spiritual beings we can here to be!

Walk in peace


~ by TerraRubrae on February 29, 2012.

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