Feeling stuck?


I have gotten several emails about when will be my next blog..so…….Honestly, there has been so much going on that I havent had a chance to.  So many things happening, people going through a multitude of things and wow this energy!!

One common thing I keep seeing is people running from things in their lives.  This can be just about anything:  Spirituality, relationships, YOU, or even health issues.  You have to face these things.  They will keep showing up until you deal with them.   People also seem to be feeling dizzy, light headed, seeming like dimensions colliding together, becoming one.  Feeling as if the veil has lifted.

This energy is calling to you..calling you to wake up.  Clear yourself, release that bad karma, release yourself from bondage. This is all in your hands.   Either do the work to get past all of it or simply keep living in it.  It all starts with you!  I know we hear and see that saying every where, but its truth!  Perception is key here.  If you have negative attachments or holding on to negativity then that will project out.  YOU have to begin with you.  My great grand father said to me “You can not complain about some one else messy house until you cleaned your own house!”  Such true words. Seems some are so willing to point out all the flaws in others they forget about all theirs.  If you want peace, love etc, what are YOU doing about it?  What energy are you sending out?  Your either part of the solution or part of the problem..which are you?   Are you doing things to take care of you?  Are you treating yourself with love and kindness?  If not why?  How do you expect others to treat you kind?  And honestly, how are you going to treat others kind when you dont know how to be kind to you?  No judgement, just simply decide.  Its Ok either way you choose.  If you want to be happy then be happy..do those things that will guide you in the way of your true happiness.  Only you can do this.  Its not another persons responsibility to make you happy.  You can not say I will be happy when.  It starts within.  You have to resonate with that energy in order for it to manifest!  Some times it may take us a little bit to bring your vibration up, thats OK.  You can not rush your growth.

For those that are experiencing the head aches, dizziness, light headed or just feeling not grounded. Do try your best to keep yourself grounded.  If you need help or just simply want to talk about this, just email me, I can offer you several ways to ground (yes this is free).  Is this part of the ‘shift” every one is talking about?  I believe so.  I believe we are coming into a new consciousness and awareness.  Just breathe, spend time in nature, walk barefoot through grass (if you can), hug a tree and of course meditate.  Your path will open up for you.  I can not promise it will all be ease, but I know the work will be worth it.

I wish every one peace, love and all the goodies!

Many Blessings and Namaste!


~ by TerraRubrae on February 28, 2012.

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