Drive Thru Spirituality

As a seasoned healer, reader and teacher I have seen all types of folks on their Spiritual Path.  I have seen some just open up and soak in every thing like a sponge and I have also seen those that open up but have a lot of work to do. This doesn’t mean one is better than the other, we all are different in lots of ways, our strengths and weaknesses vary.  We all progress on our own timing, some call it Diving Timing, for me its that plus what the person is having to learn in this life and looking at it I see that these two ways are one in the same.  No one is better than you and you are no better than anyone, your just at different places in life.  We all walk our own individual paths and can not expect ourselves to evolve the same as anyone.

Speaking about this with my friend and student and teacher, Cheryl, we are really seeing folks that want that instant gratification.  I am well aware that is pretty much the energy now.  Yes, it can happen in some instances.  But you can not sit down, read a book and be as knowledgeable as some one who has been on that path, shed their blood, sweat and tears on it and is basically more enlightened than you on that subject..well I know there are exceptions, but all in all you have to keep yourself in check.

In Spirituality there is no room for the EGO.  People bring this out in ways they don’t even realize.  One way is talking down to others, acting as if you are better than they are.  Sure you might be more evolved, and you maybe, but I am sure there are things that they are more evolved than you on!  Honestly, this is another blog entirely so I wont go into the EGO here and now. Also, watch out for those that behave in this manner, especially if you are going to them for teaching, advice, or well anything.   Just remember to keep yourself or I believe I should say EGO in check!  To me EGO means “edging GOD out!”

We all come here with lessons to learn, contracts to carry out, people to help etc. That also means we have to go through the twists and turns of it as well.  We have to pay our dues, listen to our ancestors and LEARN from them good lessons as well as their mistakes.  Watch!  Listen!  BE PRESENT!!  SILENT!!!  I dont care how long you’ve been on any certain path, your not the know all and end all!  There are always learning to do.  We have to pass this knowledge on to the ones that come after us!

Moral of this blog..don’t expect to go up to McDonalds and order your Spirituality!  If you truly want to learn, you will go where it is taught.  If you truly want to learn from some one, you will.  You will find a way to that person point blank.  When the student is ready the teacher will teach.  If there is money involved and you cant afford it, you can always speak to the person and I am sure you can work some thing out for you.  Don’t expect them to give you their knowledge for nothing!  We have free will.  So if you want it and are serious about WILL do it!

~ by TerraRubrae on February 6, 2012.

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