There are a lot of folks learning new spiritual paths now a days.  Folks are looking for some thing that more resonates within them and want to experience things for themselves and not just through word of mouth.  They are looking for some thing more..real.  I can completely understand this, for I too have been there and was seeking some thing that resonated more with me.  I did what I needed to do to walk my path and still do.  Has it all been nice and easy?  NO  but at times YES. Most important is that I have enjoyed the journey.

Being a teacher myself, and yes still a student, I am seeing there are those that want it all now.  They want instant gratification.  Walking a Spiritual Path isnt like going and buying yourself a new outfit.  You cant just go out and pick it up.  You have to your work.  Sure some will pick up on things a lot quicker than others, but your not going to read a book and be an expert in the same day.  Some things take time and patience to allow for your growth and understanding and some times safety.

Fees.  Yes I am daring to go there!  Some believe that Spirituality shouldnt come with a price tag so to speak.  But if your asking some one to teach you some thing, shouldnt you in some way compensate them for their effort?  When some one to teaching you some thing or being a vessel of healing for you or taking their time to offer workshops for those that want to learn more they are using their energy to do so.  They are taking their time and energy to help you.  If you decide to participate do you not think it is your responsibility to give them some kind of exchange?  They are giving their energy to you, you should give energy back, an exchange if you would.  Now a days that “energy” comes in the form of money and yep I said the no no word “Money”.  You can not expect to just take and take from some one.  There always has to be some form of energy exchange.  Yes I have seen some charge big money for their services, are they better than others, I am not sure.  This is where you have to do your homework and see for yourself.  If you feel like its too much, then you have answered your question.  Sure there are several folks doing pretty much the same things, but everyone has their own special abilities to offer so that has to be considered as well.

Not meaning to sound like I am ranting.  I am attempting to educate folks to these issues.  Some times you have to travel, yes can be for hours, pay fees for classes or workshops and yes you will have work to do both physically and spiritually and it will be worth it. You have to decide if you actually want it.  Things dont always fall in our laps, some times we have to go out and find it.

Listen to your intuition


~ by SironaRose on January 31, 2012.

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