Our Story


Our Story!  We all have one.  How we got to where we are, how our childhood was, stuff people have done to us or lack there of…What is yours?  When things happen to us we think we deal with them, clear them, but we still talk about them.  When we are bringing awareness to it, we are giving life to it again.  So there for, you have dealt with it nor cleared it, you just put it on the back burner to deal with later on..over and over again.  When you are holding on to pain, all you are doing is allowing that person, issue to bring you more.  Giving it more of your energy.  People are going to do things that we dont agree with, they are going to say things that hurt us and some times it just may need to be said.  Deal with it then.  Be responsible for your emotional well being.  Situations can only hurt you as long as you allow it to.  Now there  maybe some thing you just dont want to let go of, that is fine.  You will hang on to it until you are ready to release it or you just simply get tired of hurting.

We all have things that happen to us.  We will go through things we would never wish on anyone.  Some things that will make us question every thing.  Some more than others.  Things that leave us in complete confusion and in total heart break.  Its not fair, no.  These are our challenges, our stepping stones that make us a batter or worse person.  Make us take a stand for some thing, or make us completely with draw ourselves from others.  When we keep it inside, it eats at us.  Causing jealousy, bitterness, anger.  Sure we try to live our lives, trying to convince every one that we are OK, we are happy we are evolving the way we should.  We let our ego take the lead.  Put up walls to folks, normally the wrong ones.  Close our hearts to people  or simple things that could possibly make us happy.

If we want to truly heal ourselves.  To evolve so to speak.  To align ourselves more Spiritually, and, the popular word lately, to ascend we all have to clear ourselves of the Story we are holding on to.  We have to deal with it, face it, figure it out and then release it.  If its causing you pain, why would you want to keep it in your life?  If you know some one is going to hurt you or take advantage of you, why continue to let them in your life?  You control this, not them.  We have to be responsible..we have to LOVE OURSELVES enough to let it GO!  We have to understand that some times we cant help every one that they are how they are.  We have to come to terms with the situation and stop living in dream land and trying to convince every one else other wise.  A little secret…We can all see through it!  We can all see you still in pain and hurting over it.  We all know that its holding you back from the endless possibilities you could have.  Love yourself enough!  Respect yourself enough!  Let it GO!

Walk in Peace

Walk in Spirit

Let your heart be as light as a feather

Heal your body, mind, heart and soul


~ by TerraRubrae on January 22, 2012.

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