January’s full moon in Cancer on the 9th seem to linger for the week.  If you were emotional and just teary you were probably influenced by this moon.  It seemed almost like a cleansing in some ways.  Alot of us had such a challenging year last year and it felt as if we were cleansing ourselves from what was left over in us, giving our selves a bit of an emotional clearing.

As stressful as this can be, it is very good that we allow this cleansing.  Cry when we feel like crying, that is a release.  Write, paint do what ever you do to express this emotions in healthy cleansing ways.  We can not hold on to this.  It is rearing it head for a reason.  Allow the process to take place and release all of that.  Remember to be kind to yourself during this time!  We often push ourselves to the point of exhaustion and illness.  Dont let this happen.  Take it day by day and listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs!  Be kind to YOU!

Now that this is done, Venus is now in Pisces (until Feb 8) and wow!  This is like taking intense love and adding a mystical sensation.  See with the eyes of the Soul!  The artist and dreamer are fully awaken, go with it!  Let love linger and bask in it!  Fall in love with the Great Spirit and dance that enchanting dance.  Enjoy the magic of all our connections and watch how synchronicity or epiphanies about the spiritual purpose of an encounter develop!

Enjoy these days of romance!


~ by TerraRubrae on January 17, 2012.

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