Talks with Relations Clan Mother




Talks with Relations is the clan Mother for January, the first Moon Cycle.  This Clan Mother is the keeper of Learning the Truth and we understand her by connecting with all life.  She is the Mother of Nature and can teach us to have relations with Nature and teaches us that the Tree People, Stone People, the Little People (fairies /Devas) and the Clan Chiefs of Earth, Air, Fire and Water are our relatives.  We must connect and receive their guidance.  Our Mother, the Earth, our Father the Sky, our Grandfather the Sun and our Grandmother the Moon.  Opening ourselves up to the Great Mysteries Creations is the only way to learn this truth.

Talks with Relations color is Orange.  Orange carries the Medicine of kinship with all life.  Orange is the color of the Eternal Flame of Love that the Great Mystery place in the heart of all Creation.  She welcomes all life forms into her Clan.  Learning this truth that She teaches, we can find that every life has a Scared Space and rhythm and enter into that Space to learn the rhythm.  She is the Guardian of Weather and understands how to use the Clan Chiefs of the four elements to have a climatic balance.

Clan Mother Talks with Relations, teach us how to see all forms of life as our relatives.  Help us to learn their truths so we may be guided to a better world.  My mind and heart is open, take me into your Sacred Space and allow me to feel the rhythm of the Great Mysteries Creations.


~ by SironaRose on January 10, 2012.

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