As a healer, I hear a lot of things that well doesnt shock me as much as surprise me.  Every healer is different and has their own personal way of doing their work.  It seems here lately that every one is a healer and every one is a lightworker.  To a degree I agree.  We are all healers in our own ways.  We may simply help some one heal from a past hurt or even help them clear away some past karma that had been coming up..until YOU!  Healing happens in a variety of different ways.  It all depends on how you feel about it.  If your intuition (gut) is telling you watch out or just have an uneasy feeling about, then listen to that.  Only YOU can walk your path to healing.  During my sessions, I offer no judgement upon some one.  That is not my role.  My role is to help you heal yourself, see the paths before you and to help you have a stronger connection with the Divine.  I myself have come upon several healers that make me feel uncomfortable.  I wouldnt allow them to work with me nor suggest some one to them.  I have seen healers that seem to not be able to help a client but offer them NO other options, like say another healer they know that might be able to help them.  This doesnt sit right with me.  Like I said, I offer no judgement on them I just dont resonate with that and simply I guess I just dont get them!  And thats OK, its not my path, its theirs.  And we cant leave out money!  Yes that one simple little thing that changes everything.  Sure, we all have to support ourselves and for some its the healing path, like say a doctor.  Sure doctors go to school and yada yada, but healers train as well and some times it is costly as well.  If you come upon a healer that you believe charges too much, then investigate them.  Do some research on what they offer and I mean research, we know how the internet is all kinds of good info and bad info out there.  See what others have to say about them.  Talk with them for a bit, not saying tell them your life story, but ask questions of their training and such.  Get a feel from them and if your not feeling it, simply move on.  I do believe we are all unique and not every one will be able to click with us.  I also believe that a healer should refer to to some one that might be able to help you if they feel they cant.  For me, my number one priority is YOU!  Spirit lead you to me, and if I feel that I cant help you I feel it is my responsibility to try to help you find some one who can..unless you just dont want my help.  I feel, you came to me for assistance and I should do my service as a healer to help you in all ways I can.  Sadly, I do know of other healers that do not do that and I have known some that are just centered around the money, you just have to pay attention to them.  One thing for sure that I know all good healers practice is humility.  Sure, some advertise themselves, but they do not cram it in your face or pressure you for money.  Healers do not judge others as well.  This is not for them to control.  Healers know that people are where they are, when they are ready to move beyond that point they simply will.  Healers honor people where they are understanding that they too have a path to walk.  All our paths are different and should be honored.  Healers are not better than anyone else and shouldnt make you feel that you are lesser than they are, you are just at different places in your lives thats it!  We all have different experiences and years of life behind us that make us stronger or weaker.  And I say weaker very lightly because its only a weakness if you allow it to be.

I have had several clients come to me questioning me about other healers and how they are etc.  I tell them this, its not for me to decide what is right or wrong for them, that is for them to decide.  Only go with what resonates within your heart.  If some thing isnt feeling right, then listen to it.  Pay attention to the little things, could be messages for you!  I do say this and I mean this and I believe that all, and I would hope all, healers feel this way: Spirit (God, the divine whatever you wish to call it) sends clients to us for a reason, placing them in our hands.  This is an honor and one that should be treated with love, respect and purity.  Another thing is this, some clients do not experience immediate healing and this can be normal.  Some times when we clear some thing, it opens to another block or some thing we need to work on.  So dont get discouraged.  We have went through lots of things to get us where we are and some times it take a moment to work through these issues to completely heal from them. And remember not all that shines is gold!


~ by TerraRubrae on January 9, 2012.

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