Hanging on to Air!


We may find that we cant move forward in some situation or feelings.  This happens at times, its OK.  We all work through our lessons/issues in different ways and on different time lines.  There is no time limit to when you are going to fully heal.  All I can promise you is this, When your ready to heal, you will!  Some times its due to some thing that you are still energetically attached to, this can be remedied!  Cords can be cut and healing can take place..and like I said it will go as fast as you allow it to.  We have to learn how to truly honor ourselves and let go of those things that no longer serve us and are causing us harm.  The only outcome is you getting hurt!  You are only doing yourself harm by hanging on.  Release..let it GO…relax..let go and let GOD!  You can not just ignore these issues and expect them to simply go away.  They will manifest themselves in some fashion.  Best to just acknowledge and deal/resolve it.

When you release that which is not benefiting you, you are making room for those people or things that will.  When you hold on to the toxic energy, toxicity will develop inside of you!  Listen to you body, when you talk to some one how does it make you feel??  If it upsets you, then you need to listen to your body and find out why you feel this way.  Release!  Allow peaceful energy to flow through you, letting loving energy engulf your soul!  Release, heal and move on!


~ by TerraRubrae on January 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “Hanging on to Air!”

  1. Love It!

  2. You really spoke to me with this one woman! Great job!

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