New Year New You!

At the beginning of the New Year, we are all so ready to make those resolutions.  Wanting to manifest all the goodies we want to experience in our lives.  We may want to loss some weight, exercise to get tone, not repeat the same mistakes we have made, have better relationships or just focus more on our wholeness as a Spiritual Being!  One thing we experience in our lives daily is Karma.  Most think Karma is a bad thing, its not!  Karma is neither good or bad, it just simply IS.  Karma is basically what you put out comes back to you.  So if your putting out good stuff, good will return and if your putting out bad, bad will return to you.  You can not give or get Karma from some one else.  Karma is your consequences from the path that you have taken, decisions you have made.  Now, you may have a Karmic Contract and may be with some one, thats a little different.  A Karmic contract is usually an unconscious agreement you have either with some one or some type of lesson you will learn through beliefs, paths that you take, decisions you make, even jobs you decide to take.  Some times there are just certain lessons we come here to learn and some times it just simply is the decisions and choices we make.  For example, having the same types of relationships but with different people.  Can you clear yourself from these contracts?  In most cases YES!  This is a decision that you should not go into lightly.  It is one that requires great thought.  Will it benefit you?  YES  The clearing of the contract is done when you are experiencing tremendous pain and disruption in your life or when you feel that a certain some one is no longer wanted in your life.  This is a very strong healing/clearing.  Some times changing lives completely!   If you would like  a consultation with me concerning this, I can help you!  Just simply email me for more info!

Karma is our teacher!  The wise teacher that makes you stand on your own feet and reap what you have sown.  One who will continue teaching you these lessons and letting you have the same experience, can be jobs, friends and relationships, until YOU get it!  It may seem like you have NO control..but in many ways you do!  Helping you be responsible Spiritual Being that you are!


~ by TerraRubrae on January 6, 2012.

2 Responses to “New Year New You!”

  1. wow every thing you say is so helpful I just seem to understand now how to let go when I thought it would be impossible to I now have the power and understanding to let go of what I do not need thank you thank you thank you

  2. Glad it could help you! Take a deep breath and release! Thank you!
    Many Blessings

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