Walk around town!

For the  holiday I decided to go visit my Mom, back to the house I grew up in.  I remember the house as I child.  I remember all the cool places I could hide, a spot in the garage ceiling where my cousin and I would hide out.  The woods that never seemed to end, on going adventure at every second.  The stream where I would play at, found lots of fossils (feel in love with rocks!) and the street where I knew every one and yep they knew me and gave minute to minute reports to my Mom on what all I was up to.  Seeing the hills where I would ride my bike up and down, down being the best, I loved the speed and the freedom the feel of the wind in my hair gave me.  With all the changes that have been going on in my life, it was kinda nice to go back to my roots and remember how simple life was and how I was always taught to have a simple life.

When I drove into my home town, I hardly recognized it.  You see, my home town was one of the towns that was destroyed by the many tornadoes that ripped through Alabama this past year.  My home town is very small, buildings of course are very old.  I know the man that owns the drug store and one of my friends  I grew up with husband owns the grocery store!  I know the police, went to school with them, sure I may be a bit older, but still its a small town.  This town of several old buildings, flattened.  The grocery store, gone, not able to rebuild because of flood matters.  The furniture store my great grandfather worked in gone!  This experience really shook me.  The place where my “roots” are has been shaken, tore apart and flattened.  At times I really had to look around to really make sure of where I was.  Through the changes I have had this year it really hit me. Made me think a bit of myself and things I have went through..looking around and at myself in  the mist of chaos and not knowing who, what or where!   The place where I came to for healing, needing healing itself.  Things change around us, people go away, people come in, we move, change jobs etc, this is the way it goes..evolution.  When the old gets washed away, it enables the new to come right in and join us, but only if we ALLOW it to!  Those many doors are there, we just have to be willing to see them and use them!  Your roots are still there!  You become strong within you and are able to weather what ever comes your way.  Being true to self allows us the luxury of with standing the storm.  It allow us to stand firm in who we are and what we believe and the rest, well the rest just crumbles down around us.

We have to let  those things that no longer serve us to be released to make room for some thing else.  Sure it maybe hard at first, but for some change is hard period!  If some thing is no longer serving us, it is holding us back, it keeping us from those things that would truly be of benefit in our lives.  I drove away, releasing the past.  Knowing that my “roots” are with in me!  Allowing the change to fully come forth, releasing that which no longer serves to make room for that which does!

My time there was spent doing lots of self work, but I walk away better and healed.  I now approach the New Year with openness, free from baggage that was holding me back allowing me to truly embrace the goodness coming forth.  I have already noticed changes within me.  I feel truly blessed, loved and cherished, honored.  I feel lighter and more connected.  Energy is flowing..no blocks!  I walk away from last year, and the past, learning the lessons that were taught giving thanks for all the blessings..but most importantly being in gratitude!  Complete gratitude for all I experienced and even for this second of being able to blog it here!   I wish for everyone to live in gratitude and love and recognizing the oneness in us!


~ by TerraRubrae on January 2, 2012.

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