Gives Praise



December brings us to Gives Praise Clan Mother.  Her medicine is learning to be grateful, give praise, and her color is purple, healing and gratitude.  Gives Praise Mother teaches us how to be grateful.  When we take time to give thanks, we open our lives to our future abundance.  This teaches us to be grateful even for our challenges we might face.  Through those lessons comes growth.

When we are showing thanks to the Great Mystery for all of our gifts, we are coming full circle in our circle of blessings, keeping abundance flourishing in our lives.  She teaches us to be thankful for what we have to give away as well as what we are receiving, allowing energy of abundance to flow freely.

Gives Praise also teaches us us the lessons of being human, to celebrate life and to be grateful for every one and thing we encounter.  Taking the time to actually have a celebration for life, knowing the wheel of life could turn at any moment taking us down some other path that is unknown to us.  Every truth we are finding in our spiritual evolution is taking  us to the path of peace.  Remembering that if we but just change our perception, attitude or consciousness within ourselves, we can manifest magic and miracles daily in our lives!


~ by SironaRose on December 5, 2011.

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