Great Mystery


The Great Mystery came to me this morning.  This is a topic that intrigues us all.  This is the Original Source, the creator of all life which we are created from, the great void, limitlessness.  Meditating on this, I am feeling how we truly do have free will, and it is our choice how we live our lives.  The buck stops with us.  We are responsible for our paths.   For a lot of us we do not want to hear these words.  Thinking back on people that have hurt us, situations etc.  It is us that allowed that person into our lives.  We have to learn that regret gets us no where but in to more pain.  Learn to give gratitude for all of your lessons, pains or gains, that have come into your life.  There is a lesson in every single thing.  No more blame or shame, take charge of your life.  Listen to Source.  Forgive and let go, the only thing you should “hang on to” is the lesson..and be grateful for that!

The Great Mystery is something we will continuously be seeking to find out.  Just stop and listen.  This Mystery lives in us all and it contains all the answers to the questions we are seeking.  We will never find it out side of us for it is within us that we find the answers to The Sacred Path that we are on.  We have to learn to accept and experience things with out being attached to the outcome.  Accept the beauty in it with out trying to be in control of the outcome.  Go with this Divine Energy, flowing with it easily, peacefully and lovingly enjoying the beauty along the way and allow life to unfold piece by piece as it should!


~ by SironaRose on December 1, 2011.

4 Responses to “Great Mystery”

  1. Divine Faith ~ lovely post ~ thank you!

  2. I very highly recommend The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock his exploration of the amazing capacities of human consciousness including the pineal gland so often portrayed as a pine cone ( note even the scientific name) and other mysteries is prime reading.

  3. I believe that once we truly learn the meaning of free will and choice we see how simplistic it is to let go of that which no longer serves us. No one can hurt you or make you angry … unless you feed into THEIR energy and allow it. Each and every one of us are in charge of our own happiness.

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