West Shield

Today, the West Shield spoke to me. In the Native American Medicine Wheel this is home of the Bear and the color black. Black represents the void where the answers live deep within the dark bear cave. This is a time for introspection and clarifying goals. With the New Moon around the corner, I took this as no coincidence at all. It pays us to fully understand that all answers live within us..our spirit’s knowing potential. This is definitely the time to go within ourselves to clarify some goals and seek answers from our own inner knowing. Time to Enter the Silence! Find the answers to those questions that are the hardest to ask. This is also the time to face our fears of the unknown, time to clear fear away from us as it doesnt serve us productively. Bear medicine will help you find the strength to do this, courage to meet your future and allow it to fill your spirit. Acknowledge our inner strength, allowing us to be true to ourselves. Let go of all doubt we have inside about ourselves. Lets reach our goals without reservations. Lets clear clutter out that will hinder us on our paths, allowing mind, body and soul to become one. In this time of the holiday season chaos, lets Enter the Silence to find us and our tomorrows. Sit within that void and allow it all to unfold beautifully!

~ by TerraRubrae on November 23, 2011.

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