Walks Tall


November brings us to the 11th Clan Mother, Walks Tall Woman.  She teaches us to walk our talk.  This is the perfect energy for this time of the year, especially all things happening on Mother Earth right now.  We are going through changes rapidly.  We are having to speak up for ourselves in ways that we havent in many years.  We are having to stop the bitching and start the revolution..so to speak! She really spoke to me this month as we are going through this process of standing up for our beliefs, making folks take responsibility for the actions they have taken.

We just had 11/11/11 and what an energy change that was.  I am feeling more of a feminine energy to Gaia.  We are learning that we have to take care of each other if we want to survive.  The dog eat dog world doesnt work..even for the rich.  If there is no one to do their work, there is no rich.  We have to learn that we are here on this planet together.  We need to love and respect each other.  We have to take care of GAIA!  We cant just leave!  We have to come together in love and respect and make this our bountiful home!  We all have special gifts and we all should come together to utilize this in productive ways.  And take care of our home…Gaia!  She is beautiful and teaches us natural balance and flow.

Walks Tall Woman is the keeper of new paths and Mother of beauty and grace.  She teaches us how to be our personal best and still be vulnerable and human, how to seek and find new paths to growing and learning..leading through example and how to develop our inner strength, to attract and to release. Teaches us how to be proud of our accomplishments through self esteem, not self importance.  She teaches us to set the example..walk our talk!   We need not destroy the traditions of our ancestors, but add truth and give ancient ways of our ancestors new growth potential.  Her color is white, purity.  Taking care of our bodies to maintain our health.  Being personally responsible for our thoughts, actions and deeds.  She challenges us to drop our fears, take action and balance our lives.  Looking at our self and seeing our actions and then seeing what our actions are saying!  Lets teach our children how to be responsible adults and  how to love and take care of Gaia and each other.  We are here together, brothers and sisters, lets make this good!


~ by TerraRubrae on November 16, 2011.

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  1. I love this; as I am a Tall Woman! Stength to all to walk tall in spirit!

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