To love and be loved completely for who you are, with out limits, total surrender into a lovers arms…pretty much all of us want that.  We seek and seek yet do not find.  We end up settling for what we think will be best for us, only to find out later that even though we put hard work into the relationship it just didnt work.  So we move on to the next and the same situation arises.  Until one day it clicks..we have to find LOVE within us first.  We have to fix us first.  If we want to see change we must first start with ourselves.  So we go inward, learning about ourselves, finding the mysteries within ourselves…even realizing we are doing things we dont really like.  Learning to completely surrender to ourselves we find a whole new person waiting to emerge.  After we have done these steps, finding it within..we can find it outward.

Finding a person to connect with on all levels, sharing our hearts desires and even our fantasies..and getting to live them.  Laying in your lovers arms all night only to awake to the perfect peace in the morning.  Seeing the moon light on your lovers face and catching the sun shining its beautiful rays on your lovers skin.  Breathing together, looking into each others eyes finding the most beautiful soul you’ve ever seen.  Actually becoming one with another.  Sure there will be bumps in the road, but that is just adding more depth.  I awoke this morning wanting just that!  I have cleared, released and learned so much..being able to share that with another would be priceless!  We dont look for some one to complete us, per say, we look for some one to compliment us..some one to add to us.  Energies combined and balanced.  Some one to dance with our heart.  Some one I look up to once told me that a companion should be an accessory not a necessary!  Boy was she right!

Tantric Blessings

~ by TerraRubrae on November 11, 2011.

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