The Feminine


Read this article this morning and well first off LOVED it and second it spoke tremendous truth to me.  If we categorize magic as evil, then shouldnt we put miracles in the same category?  Magic is no more than a prayer and if we are praying for some one to recover from a life threatening illness and they do we deem it as a miracle but not magic.  For me there is simply no difference.  We pray for extra money, new jobs, a lover/spouse, a home…but we also work magic to get these things as well.

Women are called evil witches when we gather up an herb to help create a persons well being, why?  Women are that the fear?  We create life, we bleed monthly but yet do not die, we love unconditionally..are these things what we fear?  Can explain some thing so its automatically evil or wrong.  Women are also called temptresses because some one can not control themselves when they see us..I have to have a big laugh about that.  Arent we all taught to be responsible for ourselves?  Take the beautiful Goddess Kali, sure is represents death…but she also represents rebirth!  From death is a rebirth in all things.  It is the balance that we must keep within us.  When some thing exits our lives, some thing new comes about.  This is the beauty of understanding Kali.  Kali is a loving Mother, but expects you to pull your own weight…take responsibility for yourself.  This is life.  For us to live healthy lives we have to have that balance and pull our own weight.  And it is normally through women we see this.  Women are not just Mothers and wives..we are healers, teachers, lovers, we are essentially the back bone of the world.  We end up taking care of everyone, and some times neglecting ourselves.  We can teach compassion when there is turmoil.  We can bring love when there is no hope.  We feel with out touchings and know with out seeing.  Are you weak?  I can fix you some herbal tea that might help you.  We have to stop fearing those things we can not explain.  Magic/miracles happen every day..just look around you I am sure you will see one.  Even if it is just the fact of you reading this blog that is sent through this wonderful creation called the internet.  Women are wonderful beautiful creations were magic happens every day just inside her body along.  To appreciate some thing beautiful is natural, trying to possess it is not.

~ by TerraRubrae on November 10, 2011.

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