Evolving us


Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, All Souls Day, Day of the Dead..and many other names, has come and gone.  This time of year is when the sun is going away, fall/autumn, and we go inside to stay warm.  Along with the New Moon that was shortly before really enhanced this feeling.  Time to set those things that no longer serve us free.  Cut loose the cords that bind us, keep us from happiness..enslaved to things that drain the very life force from us.  The world and its people are going through so much Chaos.  We must remember that through Chaos, growth begins!  Before I began writing, this I did a short candle meditation.  Through that meditation I received the color green!  Green is healing, it is our heart chakra.  There are many of us right now in situations that we really just want to disappear from.  We are in jobs that take advantage of us, in relationships that no longer resonate with us even the places we live are seeming uncomfortable.  We are growing, we are learning that we do not have to settle..and settling for things seem wrong.  A lot of us have found ourselves in jobs, relationships all kinds of situations that we settled into for various reasons.  Some of us have feelings of almost selling our souls out.  We did what we did at the time because it seemed the best for us..when we know better, we do better!  This chaos we are feeling is echoed in the world around us.  And yes the way the world has been operating no longer serves us, as we have evolved, it seems the circumstances have not.  So we are doing what is necessary for growth to happen around us as well.  We are told that change is inevitable, this is true.  We grow from one second to another, taking the new knowledge with us.  Expansion.  One thing I know for sure, in order to grow into the new, we must let go of the past!  There are some of us that can not just up and change circumstances, and I would not advise any quick reactions.  We have to allow things to unfold.  We have identified what is not working for us, so lets start there.  Lets work on bring things, jobs, people, etc in our lives that resonate with us.  There will be cords we may have to cut, this is part of our growth.  Just go slow and reason all that is happening.  Breath.  Cutting things/people out of our lives some times isnt easy, so take small steps.  Try to fix the situation, if it is not fixable and you feel that you must move one..then do what is necessary to allow this growth to take place.  Line things up, set your goals, spend time with yourself to really listen to your heart and realize exactly what it is you do want.  Be open, ask for guidance (in ways you will know).  Be grateful for every situation that you have gone through..understanding how it was important for your growth, take in those lessons and learn from them.  Be kind to yourself, love yourself…allow that green energy to heal you, forgive others and most importantly…forgive yourself!  Be in the flow of it, when we are in resistance it is worse for us.  If your having trouble with that, meditate ask for guidance..its there for you..just breath.  Breath in that healing energy that Gaia is providing for her children.  See this chaos as growth.  Above all LOVE!  You may not like what is going on..and that is OK.  When you feel love, send it out there..love does heal all wounds!

Namaste & Tantric Blessings

~ by TerraRubrae on November 7, 2011.

One Response to “Evolving us”

  1. Wonderful post Stacy! Well written and lovely expressions from the heart.

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