Living in the Now


October is almost gone..this year is almost at a close.  So many things up in the air and things going on not sure of what will be of it.  This is the time of Samhain/Day of the Dead and many other names this time of year may go by.  The New Moon of today in Scorpio, enhances all these feelings of inner work.  Reminding us, yet again, to release all that is no longer needed and transform into some thing better, stronger into that which we are desiring to be.  With the Scorpio influence, we dive deep into our physic realm, piercing the veils of illusion.  While in this tranquil energy we want to open up to all kinds of communications and see what can not be seen by the naked eye.  This can be quiet healing for us and very enlightening.  We can get carried thing we must remember is NOW.  We can not change the past, so leave it behind…its behind us for a reason.  We can get a snap shot of the future, but still that has yet to come.  All we have is right NOW.  This second, not 10 seconds from now but NOW.  Let go of the worries of yesterday, they tie us down and create blocks for future abundance.  Let go of the stress for tomorrow, its not here yet and honestly..your not promised tomorrow..only NOW.  If we are living in what happened yesterday or even past lives and what will happen, we are not truly enjoying now.  What have you missed by not being in the NOW?  It is so important for us to let of of yesterday and stop being so attached to what we perceive tomorrow may bring.  What is going on now?  Right now your heart beats, you breath, you exist.  Right now you could be the hope that some one is needing…YOU could be the stone that changes the course of the stream.  Be grounded in Now, be mindful of your thoughts and just breathe!

~ by SironaRose on October 26, 2011.

One Response to “Living in the Now”

  1. You have a really beautiful blog! A FB friend shared your post and it really caught my eye ~ we also have a blog/website here and are new ~ signing up for emails when you post! Thanks

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