Conscious Living

We open ourselves up to Spirituality.  Decide to walk that path of love and peace.  We then decide that we are no longer doormats, we are valuable folks and deserve the best that life has to offer.  We open our self up to Divine One-ness and then we talk about our self-ness.  Changed selfish to self-ness.  We understand that we are all ONE but have different paths and its better to chose love and peace than to live in EGO.. but are we??  I am finding that some times the line between selfishness and selfless-ness are one in the same for folks.  We get into the mind set that this is my way if it offends some one too bad thats their issues.  Now is that coming from the heart or EGO.  When we practice Conscious Living, we actually consider the other person.  We have to really think about that..Conscious Living.  Not saying change who you are to make some one happy, but be who you are in loving ways, not from EGO and aggressiveness.  Now we know that people in our lives for a reason.  I do not believe in consequences.  I believe that things and people show up in your life for just gotta be mindful and figure it out.  That person that annoys you..why do they?  Getting down to the nitty gritty on things can help us evolve to a much conscious human.  Being mindful to folks.  I know there are some of those folks that seems like there is NO getting along with, but you have to see beyond yourself at this.  Sending them negativity is not doing them nor yourself any good.  Send them love!  Maybe your the only person that will!  When we see those that are living in their own hell, send them love!  You dont want some one to suffer..true they are there for a reason, just bless them and be on your way!  It doesnt matter if they are not being kind to you, Be the change!!  Live true to your words.  We can have all the answers we want, we just have to be willing to see them.  Conscious Living is being mindful to all things/people around you.   I do have a neighbor that no one here in then neighborhood likes, for some time I did not either!  His energy is very umm negative, he doesnt act kindly to others.  Then one day I thought “WOW!  Who hurt this guy so bad?  he has deep pain”.  So now I send him LOVE!  Yes, no matter what he does here to try to make every one miserable, including me, I send him love.  I feel that he has never truly felt it and I would like to offer it to him so that maybe just maybe for one second he can feel it and have some sort of peace.  Think about conscious living.  How can you help some one today?  By no means am I saying put yourself out..just be mindful and come from the heart!

Blessings and walk in Peace!

~ by SironaRose on October 25, 2011.

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