Surrendering to Change


Transition, transformation, evolving, growth, metamorphosis…..change!  We all go through this.  It is a time of uneasiness and a time where our clarity seems far removed.  For us to make decisions in our life, we must be clear headed. When we are feeling this way we do not need to make decisions, especially those very important ones.  We need to set with ourselves while going through this time.  Silence should be our friend at this time.  For spiritual growth this is necessary.  Meditation takes us to US.  It can help us separate those things that are really not important verses those that are.  It is OK to just BE and do nothing.  I know if feels like your doing nothing but in essences you are.  Your soul is doing the work.  This is a time to definitely TLC yourself.  You need to nurture yourself while going through this process.  We all have times when we feel “OFF”….listen to your body!  We need to learn to be a friend to ourselves…not pushing ourselves!  Bring kindness and loving to us..our bodies and souls.  We need to learn to treat ourselves like we would a best friend.  Be kind, loving, generous, caring, concerned, open, forgiving, nurturing..etc.  When change comes to us, its best not to label it good or bad.  Try to step outside the box and see the bigger picture.  At times it is so hard..I mean there are some times you cant even relax things are changing so much but we need to learn to just allow it.  As we resist, it keeps going…some times being worse than it should’ve been.  Change happens rather we are prepared for it or not and its best if we just surrender and allow it.  Love your self and be kind to yourself and above all forgive yourself.  When you surrender to the flow, expect miracles to happen.  We cant fit against the current, gets us no where fast…Just be in the flow…Be the river..allow the unfolding of what is occurring.  When you are relaxed and allowing clarity will come to you sooner, but it will not when you are in a state of panic!  Allow the change, feel your feelings and just let go..allow the transformation to begin!  JUST BREATHE!!!!

~ by SironaRose on October 20, 2011.

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