Soul Mates




I have been hearing so much about soul mates and twin flames.  Now I do feel this exist and I do believe we can have more than ONE soul mate and feel we only have one twin flame.  I feel that we have soul mates in all categories, friends, lover, relationships even those that we encounter negativity with.  These unions are not always easy.  I also get the feeling and have heard that folks believe when they are get with their twin flame, that it will be easy and no bumps.  I do not believe this at all.  I am sure for some that is true, but there are others that have came here with work to do.  Our twin maybe making us grow up, gaining new perspectives or just work on ourselves.   Even though we are Spiritual beings, we are human and most of us have to deal with the EGO.  EGO, also known as “edging God out”.  The whole “I am right”  “it has to be my way”  even feeling defensive, these have to do with EGO.  EGO gets us into more trouble than we care to admit.  So in all our relationships it is important for us to clear these issues inside of ourselves and balance our masculine and feminine energies.  Of course I do believe that there will be issues brought up that will still need clearing and adjusting for the union of the twin souls to take place..and we should do so in a respectful peaceful manner.  There are things that will come up in all relationships.  Just because your with your twin flame doesnt mean a bed of roses.  We all have things to learn from one another,  good or bad.  Understanding that this person is part of us, they are our treat that person that way.  This life goes by way too fast and I feel that if we spent more time on just being nice to one another than trying to get our way, things would run a lot smoother.  We have to find that point within ourselves that enough is enough!  Stop all the crap and start actually living your life you were gifted with!  All the drama bs (EGO)has got to go.  We came here full…meaning we do not need another person to feel whole.   You are ALL you really need.  Now figure it out.  If things arent going exactly the way you want them, figure out why.  This is your responsibility to do so for yourself.  If you are having issues in your relationship, figure out why and try to work them out.  If you run from an issue, it will follow you!  Now of course there are differences, but I am taking this from the simple perspective.  Simple!  Taking responsibility for yourself, not expecting some one to save YOU, be self sufficient and just be that Spiritual being you are, having a human experience!

~ by TerraRubrae on October 17, 2011.

One Response to “Soul Mates”

  1. Well said! You hit it on the head. Life itself isn’t a bed of roses why should we think it will be any different because we are with our twin flame or soul mate? Nothing worth having is easy, otherwise you would not treasure it!

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