It seems we are all wanting, desiring and longing for a union with God.  We usually have ourselves convinced we can find what we are longing for in another, this is not true.  If we are lacking, we are lacking within ourselves.  When we use another for that, we are becoming co-dependent in essences.  I am talking about Sacred Sexuality.  When we think of God/dess we dont involve sex, for me this does NOT make sense.  We have God/dess essence inside of us and we are holy.  We need to know ourselves!  Know who we are.  There are lots of folks out there when asked “What do you like?” they will not be able to answer it….or the better question “Tell me about yourself”  most will go off on what they do for money?!  Who are YOU?  YOU are a sacred creation, a spark of God/dess you are holy!  You are beautiful, beyond comparison!  You are not here to compete, to judge, to try to be better than another person..we are here to help each other, to grow, to experience….to expand.  LOVE is the key point here!  Every one is a part of you, when you understand this you will be able to allow love in fully.  We need to learn the full concept of loving unconditional.  We need to focus on Sacred Living as well.  Seeing the light in every one!  I am not saying we have to agree with every thing..I am just saying see the light and love the hell out of them!  Light up and enjoy life a bit.  My tantra for today is I send Gaia love and I send her children love!  My I always be a vessel for Gaia and may she speak freely through me!


Tantric Blessings

~ by SironaRose on October 13, 2011.

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