I havent really felt like writing much lately..honestly not really much of anything except being in silence with Gaia.  I feel a lot of love is going to her right now and I am feeling a softening.  I have had to take some time for myself releasing those things that are no longer needed and planting positive seeds or those things I want to manifest in the future.  What I have noticed is how we spend a lot of time on useless stuff.  We should be more conscious of how we use our energy.  We should be very picky with our energy.  For me I have noticed how I tend to give a lot of myself and end up run down..learning this boundary for me has been my challenge..but no longer!  I am picky with my energy.  I will only help those that help themselves.  So many people want you to do all the work for them but that can not be.  Folks need to do their own work and learn their own lessons.  It is their path!  These lessons we learn is part of our growth and can not be thrown aside.  We will have the experience time and time again until we acknowledge and learn the lesson.  We will continue beating our head against the wall until we get tired of doing it.  We can get all kinds of advice, but until we actually make the changes ourselves…nothing can be done.  Change can be hard.  We get into our comfy places and just relax.  That is ok if you have no problems with your life…if your complaining, then some thing is not working.  Tonight, I am breathing in Gaia’s love and exhaling love into her!  We are ONE, pure in consciousness!  Namaste!

Tantric Blessings

~ by TerraRubrae on October 5, 2011.

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