Sacred Sexuality

We hear about Sacred Sexuality/Sacred Tantra..but what exactly is it?  Most societies believe that SEX actually distracts us from our spiritual paths. For most it enhances our sexual experiences, use it in their spiritual practices and honor the blessed union between two souls.  You come together to experience the sacred within each other.  Two spirits and two bodies becoming ONE.  Joining energies to reach Nirvana.  To connect with one on this level is absolutely breath taking.  Every day we experience things in 3D reality, when this occurs we experience ecstatic bliss and unconditional the bliss and not just experiencing it.   With higher focus we realize we are more than just this physical body.  With Sacred Sexuality/Tantra we are opening our hearts to our beloved to the sacredness of our soul.  We are allowing them into us in the most intimate ways.  We breath as ONE..we are ONE!  Allowing to us bond completely.  For me, this can not be done with just anyone, meaning no one night stands.  This is something that is practiced with your soul partner..your beloved.  This path requires maturity and of course, self awareness and awareness of boundaries.  This path is one of complete trust and openness in and with a partner  There are two different types of sex.  One is the heights of sex, great sex (just gratification) the other is depths of sex which is sacred sex.  When we are just looks for the “high” of sex, we are about focusing on nerve system stimulation. Sacred Sex falls under “making love” category.  Sacred Sex is on the path to enlightenment, it deepens your connection with the Divine. Spirit of love and allows the body to awaken to being a temple and become alive and passionate as the Divine intended it to be!

~ by TerraRubrae on October 2, 2011.

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