White Tiger


Last night the white tiger came to me.  I do not know much about tigers except their excellent hunters and our house cats are extended cousins.  But she came to me!  Of course there was more to the dream, but the white tiger came to me grabbed my hand with its teeth and was leading me.  This animal was beautiful..massive..such strength!  I have been reading about it this morning and have found it can represent the full and dark moons and the west..hmmm   There is a ton of info online about the white tiger, especially in Chinese myths.  Now, yesterday’s New Moon was about releasing the old to make room for the new,  Last night we had terrible storms up this way!  Thor was definitely making himself known.  I was up most of the night watching the light show, thinking the whole time how appropriate this storm is for this New Moon!  Cleansing Gaia to a perfect sparkle.  This morning is absolutely beautiful.  There are still rain drops on leaves sparkling like diamonds in the sun, lil mushrooms popping up..every thing just looks so bright, clean and ready for the wonderful possibilities to come!  Gaia even smells great!  I feel so much love and gratitude.  As I awoke to silence this morning ( I love getting up before the sun!), I feel cleansed, balanced, strong and so connected to Divine Source!  Namaste!

Tantric Blessings

~ by SironaRose on September 28, 2011.

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