Autumn Equinox


This past weekend was completely awesome!  I went and had a booth with the church (Sunrise Coast Tabernacle) at the Savannah Pagan Pride festival.  So very nice to see old friends and meet new ones!  I am in complete gratitude and quiet humbled by all that took place.  The energy was some thing to keep moving.  So many folks that didnt really know what was going on and well soon found out.  I love helping people!  I am honored to do so.  As I sit here feeling the Autumn Equinox passing us and the New Moon, Tuesday, fast approaching I am really thankful for this harvest time!  I have had a great summer really..sure ups and downs but all lessons I so needed to have.  I am truly for some self reflection.  This New Moon is pulling hard for some self reflection.  While the equinox calls for us being thankful, gathering up our good seeds for our next planting, it also calls for us to discard those things we no longer need.  So, here’s this New Moon for a huge impact on that self reflection part!  I sat here in gratefulness but also in the awareness of looking at what no longer serves me.  I want positive things/people in my life.  I want abundance.  I want folks that are supportive in any endeavor I might be on.  I want the juiciness of life!  I want juicy people in my life..those that are going and doing..bring that flowing energy in their lives.  So hmm I sit here and I am making a list of things/people I need to release!  I am not trying to be mean or hurtful to any body or thing..just real about where I am and what is good for me!  We have to be self-full in our lives (not selfish!).  We plant the seeds for our one else does.  So what are we planning on planting??  ABUNDANCE!   YES  all in positive ways.  This past weekend has made me realize a lot of things.  I have really seen how far I have come as a person..emotionally, physically and spiritually!  I am completely amazed how much I have grown from just a year ago let alone several years ago!  There were times I fell on my face and that was the best thing that could’ve happened to me!  I am so grateful for that as well.  I found who I truth!  I have met some awesome folks and there are awesome folks that are still in my life that I adore.  Sitting here, I am seeing those things in my life that no longer work and releasing them.  Releasing allows those things that are better for me to one door closes several open..opening to a vast world of possibilities.  As this New Moon comes in I will go inside, work with the Divine Feminine and allow the process to begin!

I love the Fall and Spring…so beautiful in colors..definite time for change!

~ by TerraRubrae on September 26, 2011.

3 Responses to “Autumn Equinox”

  1. Great post! I will add that I believe that manifesting something in my life is more than wanting it. It is to see it, to visualize it…to believe it is be so… It is not in planning the action, but in expecting the result. Peace, love, and joy!

    • Very very true! I always say when you go to “ask” for something..act as if it has already happened! Totally agree with you!! Peace, love and joy to you as well!!

  2. I read your post and realized that releasing was something that I also needed to do, to let go of all the regets, pain, emotional baggage I have been carrying for years so that I may move forward instead of backwards. So I did my releasing last night on the new moon and today I feel 100% better. Your blog is quite inspiring. Thank you.


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