Mabon Dark Moon

Mabon came in this morning at 5:35 am.  I felt the dark blanket gently land over me this morning.  I had planned to do a little something, along the gratitude line.  I got up, got my girl up for school then sat on the couch listening to the weather.  My head became heavy, some times I do doze before I have to get my youngest up, but this time I was out! I mean OUT!  It felt like a dark blanket was placed on me and off to dream time I was.  The Dark Moon is just around the corner as well, says its the 27th but I have to check the times to be accurate on that.  Now, these are two heavy energies coming in.  You have Mabon, welcoming in the Dark Mother time of harvest (2nd harvest to be accurate) then you have the reflection part of that…accompanied by the Dark Moon which is about reflection as well.  Time to go inward, letting go of the things/people that no longer serve and keeping the good and making sure the seeds you plant will be harmonious and abundant for you.  NOW when I woke up, it was my daughter telling me I had to get up that they were going to miss the bus.   So I hit the ground running, true I had plenty of time but NO time to waste!  Is this going to be the energy after the New Moon?  Is the feeling going to be one of rest good but be careful you watch your time and when we come out of our slumber the energy is going to have us hit the ground running??  In fact I feel that is what it may be! We are going to be required to rest good and deep, then hit the ground running manifesting all we wish to have in our lives.  Seeing that time isnt going to wait for us, we need to seize the day so to speak.   So get plenty of rest, take advantage of this dark time by doing some self reflection putting together the seeds you want to plant..then enjoy the ride!

~ by TerraRubrae on September 23, 2011.

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