Today Mother Earth has such a clear feeling.  This morning woke up to a bright moon, Luna.  She was shining in all her glory.  I wish I had taken a picture to describe her unusual beauty.  Luna was very large and bright, there was a black ring around her (very thin) then a green hue followed by a pinkish orange color…almost a rainbow!  She was so bright, no flash light was needed.  She lite our way to the bus stop with no problems.  The fog was very thick as well…such a stillness in the air..calmness and clarity!  After the heavy emotions that have been going on, this morning felt different…like breathing a sigh of relieve.  Today I just concentrated on breathing…allowing…watching..being!  A simple breathe can bring about enormous change.  Just today..breath..filling your lungs deeply with rich oxygen and just BE!

Tantric Blessings

the photo above is the sunset from yesterday evening!

~ by TerraRubrae on September 12, 2011.

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