What is Tantra


Tantra is a quest for spiritual perfection and magical power. Its purpose was to achieve complete control of oneself and all the forces of nature, so as to attain union with the cosmos and the divine.  It is a belief system that was originated in India by a small group of Hindus and Buddhist.  Tantra, in the West, is mostly associated with unbridled sexuality.  Sexuality is only one facet in this spiritual practice deepening communion with the Divine.  Even  the assertion of that sexual energy can be harnessed to obtain unity with the Divine.  A deep study of Tantra can take a life time to perfect.

Tantra is mostly looked at as a practice between couples.  This can be a great union, but like I mention above, it just one facet.  I will talk about this Divine union of souls, but I will first talk about the sacred union between one soul and the Divine.  I mostly work with Goddess energy, but you can use your own name for Divine.  The point is to develop that scared union with your God/dess, Divine Energy!  Going deep with in yourself, learning about your energy (Chi) and how to use it to better your life developing one-ness with God/dess.

When I practice Tantra, I use my Shaman abilities to go even deeper.  Learning to live as one with Mother Earth.  Practicing Tantra with Mother Earth is some thing, I believe, that can be so beneficial to us, thus enabling us to live from the heart.  Learning to see the love and not fear.  Surrendering to divine guidance.  Learning we are all one and we all share the energy here.  Changes can be made one step at a time..and it all starts with us!

Begin to breath with Mother Earth.  Allowing one-ness with the Divine.  Breath in Spirit and allow Spirit to breath in YOU!

Namaste & Tantric Blessings


~ by TerraRubrae on September 11, 2011.

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