Litha, Summer Solstice Reading

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Blessed Litha / Summer Solstice Starshines! The spread that I am using today was created by Jen Miller, the author of the Quill of the Goddess.

1) What has helped me grow stronger since the Winter Solstic? THE LOVERS… some of you may know that this card normally represents relationships, but this can also mean A relationship with the self. Balancing our masculine and feminine energy within ourselves, creates Harmony in all areas of our life. This harmonic balancing has allowed us the enlightenment that the healing energy of love provides. This card represents a deeper connection to our soul, helping us become grounded and , allowing us to open up to our true authenticity.

2) What is my strongest attribute now? The KNIGHT OF CUPS, being able to flow with the energy (water) that is presented to us. Here, we are receiving the message of water to be faithful to our true feelings, being able to listen to our intuition, and to commit to the self. Only allowing ourself to be present in relationships that honor our Soul. This card is all about emotional Love, and is a messenger card. He gives us the message to control our emotions, instead of letting our emotions control us. The underlying message of this card is “the gift of love is the most prized treasure”.

3) What area of my life need support for the remaining half of the year? 6 OF SWORDS; We need to leave behind That which causes us strife. We cannot grow when we allow negative energy to siphon off of us. In order to honor who we are, and to be committed to our soul, we have to leave behind all that holds us back… All the negative, energy sucking things. We have to be committed to that process in order for us to have That which we are wishing to manifest in our lives. And this means all areas In our life.

I hope you all have enjoyed this reading, I do know that some of you may not resonate with this and that is fine. We each have a certain message we need to hear.
But for those of you who do, I wish you many blessings and doing the final deed to successfully in this year… Cutting out all of the negative Energies holding you back.
I wish you all a blessed Litha!
Enchanted Blessings to you ALL!

SR 🌞


Gemini New Moon 6/13/2018

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Warmest greetings and happy Gemini New Moon all you Celestial Beings!

This moon is going to be a rather bring new moon, as our other planet placements are polishing us up. And it will also be a Supermoon as well, so energy will be extra potent. Before I get into the New Moon, I want to talk about the other movements in our stars.

This energy is playing off of the Gemini Full Moon we had a the beginning of December 2017.

So here, we are coming full circle. This is a good time to look back at that time and to remember where you were, and what was going on.

To aid in this cyclic time, Pluto’s energy is making itself known as this great lord is meeting up with Lilith and Vesta (Rx) in Capricorn. Lilith is an asteroid that represents our wounded feminine energy; and Vesta, the second brightest asteroid, represents our nurturing, mother, the hearth energy. In retrograde (Rx), this brings our attention to that nurturing that is lacking in our lives. Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, is taking these two feminine energies through the Underworld. The thing about Pluto is when he takes you down into the Underworld, he doesnt let you come back up until you have finished with your inner work, and you are good and grounded.

To aid in this journey, Chiron (our wounded healer) is in Aries, so the healing energy is really going to be focused on the Self…who am I? If you do your work, this energy will allow you to be able to healthfully step onto your new journey with ease.

With this moon falling into Orions belt, will join with Gemini energy making our minds sharp, strength to do what we need to do, and aid us in properly communicating with others. Self confidence shines brightly nere. We have a great love of information at this time, and with all this fast moving energy, we can seem to be a bit brash.

Now Gemini is our twins, and represents duality, as well as adaptability. One twin represents the conscious, while the other represents the subconscious mind. This is setting us up for a new eclipse season to begin, as we are pulling together major themes in our lives. This new cycle, we are taking conscious effort to shift your energy in the direction that is most valuable to us. The Sun and moon’s energy is giving us that umpt that we need to get moving. We are realizing that we do have the power to change our direction, we just have to change our perspective as to where, what, who, and when we focus our time and energy.  This is a wonderful time to start anew, begin a new project, or just wanting to turn a new leaf. This moon’s energy will last until the solar eclipse on July 12th.

I feel this is a burning away, a disintegration of the past, the old; as we give way to a transformational new birth. Also, if you’ve been having a rough start to 2018, this energy offers us a turn. The energy here is considered “Lucky”.  The Moon is offering us a new chapter for us…are you going to step up? There is a door that is open for you, will you step through it? Are you going to be present in your life? The Summer Solstice is right around the corner, so energy if vamping up!

On to the reading…..



We start out with the 6 of PENTACLES, and this card is about give and take. As you can see the man is generously giving (coins falling from his hand), giving help where needed. Here, we have to ask ourselves, have we been giving too much? Are you giving to the point of exhaustion, and  not being able to get any of that energy reciprocated? My feeling with this card is that you have, giving a lot more than you are getting in return. Either it is to a person, job, or anything that you are tied to at the present time. Giving is great, when we have it to give. But giving and giving with no reciprocation is fruitless. The thing we must remember about charity, is that it begins at home.  

We move on to the 10 of WANDS, and just as I was saying above about giving too much, here we have a heavy load on our shoulders to carry…can be overwhelming. Here you have simply over-committed or extended yourself. It is time for you to sit down and decide what it is you want to keep, what it is you want to do and be more focused upon it. When we have too many irons in the fire, we arent as focused as we should be so many things slip past us. Here, we are advise to pick what we want, what is more in line with our journey and what we want, and leave the rest behind.

Just as we are beginning this process of elimination the PAGE OF SWORDS comes to visit with us. Pages represent young energy, and even though this is swords and it represents air, all Pages have the underlying earth energy bringing a practical energy with them. While cutting out some of the commitments in your life, you may be met with resistance from others. Try not to act impulsive here, as you may be required to think quick on your feet. It is very important to really think things through, leave pettiness behind, and use tact. The bird (which is a hawk) represents messages coming to you so be very conscious about what is going on around you….pay close attention to actions, words, energy, etc. The ancestors are sending you a message, be conscious, attentive, and listen.

The underlying energy of this moon is the HIGH PRIEST. What a powerful energy flow for our foundation. Whenever I see this card, the words that come to my mind is “As above, so below”. This is a balance of the Spiritual and the physical worlds. The keys in front represent the masculine and feminine energies. These keys are offered to you to unlock the door to the great mysteries, as this is a card for gaining knowledge. This card is usually an elder, or wise counsel, the sage. What I feel here is about listening to that gut feeling, intuition. You have to what you know, your knowledge, your inner wisdom. Remember who you are, and what you have accomplished in your life. These lessons, or knowledge that you have can be a great foundation for the journey you have before you….use what you know.


For this moon, I would say take a moment and do a mediation. If you’re close to a beach, go there and let the wind blow right through you, cleansing you. Take a deep breath, and feel yourself deeply rooted into Mother Earth…..know who you are…feel who you are. This moon is a supermoon, so energy will be more intense. Do not over burden yourself, it is okay to say No! Focus on where you are going…You got this!


New Moon Blessings….

Venus in Cancer

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Good Morning Starshine! Woke up to Cloudy Skies this morning, I can tell we had some good rain last night. As I sit here writing this I can hear the Old frog calling the rain. I hear it justa’ crokin’ and and Crokin’, and louder and louder it gets.
Hearing it so loudly, tells me to prepare for a rainy day. The clouds look like they wanted to sapate, but old frog here and my sense tell me that we might just have a little bit of rain today. I want to talk about a event in our heavens for a moment and that was Venus going into cancer. I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time, as this event happened back on May 19th, and I have been doing just what this sign encourages….. Perfext tomong for the old frong, as frog medicine is about physical and emotional cleansing. Loving, healing, and nurturing yourself. And this just doesn’t have to mean your person alone, this can mean things in your sirroundings, your environment. It seems as our world is going to by so quickly, that’s one of the side effects of the Aquarian Age, we are wanting to find solitude, or Serenity in the best ways we can. We are bombarded so much with all of our technology, that we can forget to stop and take a moment to breathe. Venus in Cancer encourages us just to do that. Go out in nature, go walk on a beach, or go sit by beautiful stream, anything to get yourself out in Nature and around the trees go and relax with the healing energy of Mother Earth. Cancer is this wonderful watery healing sign, Venus supports this, as well as She adds the ‘I deserve it energy’ . But one thing Cancers do is when they get scared or feel threatened, they go into their shells. This can cause some negative side effects for us when we do this, as we need to be freely to express our emotions. Venus, whos home sign is Taurus, gives us the energy to ground these feelings and emotions so we can express them (Sun in Gemini) freely.
Here lately, and our astrology readings, we have noticed a overall energy of being authentic with our self. This placement is allowing us To unfold into our true authentic self. If we are able to communicate in a productive way, we can have a productive life. When we are freely to communicate our feelings, emotions, and our ideas; we are able to effectively live our lives being who we truly are… Being able to live a life that we love.
Many people just exist day today, why not truly live this life? Change is never easy, as it pulls us out of our comfort zones, And this can feel detrimental to some. That’s why it’s important to nurture yourself during these times of transition. You see many times we see these changes as bad or destructive, and they can be. They are destructing the old in order to make room for those things which you are trying to manifest in your life. We all want to achieve a certain place, as in having goals in our lives. But if we are always scared of change and stay attached to the past, how can the new things come to us?
For this placement, nurture and love yourself, your surroundings, and your goals. You have to feed that which you wish to grow!
Enchanted Blessings,
SR 🌙

Peace-Sign, the True Meaning

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The Peace-Sign has been used since the 60s for peace, love and happiness…but what exactly does the symbol mean.
Symbols are used for a great many things in our world. People even have symbols tattooed upon the bodied, many do not even know the meanings. Many use symbols, in everyday ways and they really do not have a clue as to the true history….or I should say the true meaning of the symbol. Back In the 60s, the Hippie Movement use one certain symbol, that it seems just like many things during that time, they seemed to have put their own meaning or made into what they wanted. This is a careless action, one that is very common for people who “do what feels right” and has no educational knowledge of the symbols meaning. One such symbol is the ‘Peace’ symbol. Now a days, when people see this symbol, they think peace, love, and harmony…but that’s not the correct meaning of this word.

Back In the 1958, this symbol began making itself known (again) by Gerald Holtom who was a professional artist and activist, who was helping lead the Campaigning for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). His thinking was he wanted the N and D into his logo, as the N stood for “nuclear” and the D for “disarmament.” In semaphore, the letter N is formed by a person holding two flags in an upside-down V, and the letter D is formed by holding one flag pointed straight up and the other pointed straight down. By superimposing the flag orientation of these two letters, the bars of the peace sign were derived. He presented his design to the officials at Peace News, in which the committee accepted. At this time the Direct Action Committee was already planning their first major anti-nuclear march from London to Aldermaston. At that time the British were manufacturing nuclear weapons in Aldermaston. Reportedly he later regretted his choice of the symbol and wanted it changed to the upward V. Holtom felt that the V would represent the feeling of joy and peace better. He found out that the downward V was linked to the Hindu mystical character “AUM” as it is a sacred word repeated over and over to awaken the Braham at the base of the spine.

The “peace” symbol was also used by the Nazis. Hitler, and his Third Reich, were steeped in the occult. From 1941 to 1945 Hitler’s 3rd Panzer Division used this same symbol, but in Germany it was known as the ‘death rune’, as it often appeared on death notices. And there’s a reason for that, but we’ll get to that later on. Bertrand Russell, who was a supporter of communism. Russell claimed the symbol meant not only communism but also peace without God.

Even before that, in 711 A.D. the Saracens used it represent a broken cross, ravens claw, as well as a Witch’s foot. Going back a little further, let us not forget the Roman Emperor Nero as he used the peace symbol as a broken cross representing him being against Christians and Jews. Nero believed that without the Christians, there would be peace. Remember, during that time Christianity was trying to convert everyone (Pagans) to their religion, burning buildings/libraries and temples dedicated to Pagan

God/desses as well as killing Pagans that would not convert or were teaching the mysteries schools. One of those such teachers murdered was a woman, Hypatia who was a mathematician and astrologer. Showing His distaste, Nero crucified the Apostle Peter upside down, resembling the downward-pointing fork that was thereafter called the Neronic cross.

What many fail to know, is that the ‘peace’ sign was used in ancient Germanic Runes. Germanic tribes saw this symbol as one having mystical properties used in incantations, mostly dark magic. It is the Rune Algiz ( or Elhaz)

Uses of it in time…

The Elder Futhark Rune Algiz was understood in Germanic Mysticism meaning life….the “Life Rune”. It represents the upper branches of Yggdrasil, the antlers of the elk, the Valkyrie and her wings, or the invoker stance, higher spiritual awareness, the Divine Spark of the Universe. It us man’s arms reaching toward the heavens and communicating with the gods and other entities and other worlds. Just like the Rune Dagaz, it can be seen as the continual unfoldment of universal intelligence, its consciousness, in all its forms. More meanings of this Rune is Protection. As we align with the divine, it makes a person sacred, blessed by divine protection — set apart from the mundane. It represents the ability to communicate with gods and entities of the Higher Realms, it is the channel for the protective teaching force, that power which great teachers transfer to seekers. Teachers come in many forms. It is often to test our humility and readiness, alerting us as to what requires our attention, service and our unique ability to think for ourselves. It helps us to integrate knowledge into our own relationships and life experiences. It pushes us toward our fears and encourages us conquer them, rather than be ruled by them. To grow and learn from this experience…. to live fully and freely. This is energy can be intoxicating, and for the untrained very dangerous. Communicating with that Divine Energy, is quite an intense experience, for those not prepared can be detrimental.

Turned upside-down, it is the opposite of all listed above, and can be used to access the realm of the dead, giants, and the unconscious. It cuts off communion to the Divine, the Gods, and our access to higher realms and knowledge.

Symbols and signs are everywhere in our daily lives, meaning different things. And many of these signs and symbols are used in ways that are opposite of what they stand for. It is very important that you always do your research before you wear a symbol. No matter what you think that symbol means, that symbol our son, carries with it a certain vibration from the beginning of its making. This is ancient energy, not something you can readily discard. So be cautious with what you wear and what you place upon your body. You could be gifting yourself, or you could be condemning yourself. If you don’t know where to start, seek out others that are seasoned and experienced in what you wish to learn.

Many Blessings,


Uranus Transit and Taurus New Moon

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Warmest greetings everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying the astrological energy that’s been going on,, it’s interesting to say the least. I want to talk about a very important thing that is going to happen while we are in the sign of Taurus. But first, I want us to do a recap of what has been going on in Our Stars. We are going back to the start of this energy, beginning at our new moon in Pisces on March 17th. The new moon in Pisces brought about an ending, it was about releasing and letting go. Now with new moons, it is all about Beginnings. So this was a time of ending the old and beginning the new. It was a time of releasing our old habits, putting an end to those things that drain us or keep us from achieving what we wish to achieve. This could have been a job, a relationship, and even an addiction Maybe. So that energy, ending and new beginning, took us to our spring equinox, which is a new beginning/cycle as well. This is when light and dark are equal, this is a big transition time. This also marks the beginning of the astrological sign of Aries. Then, let us not forget about our Blue Moon on March 31st and Libra. Libra is the opposite of Aries. Aries is about to self, and Libra is about relating to others, or relationships. This is when we were learning that we cannot seek approval from outside ourselves, we need to look inside for the answers. We have our own perspective, and we must understand that others do as well. And in order to have successful relationships, we have to know ourselves, and a have security within our self, and not seek that from outside sources such as our relationships. The full moon on April 29th in Scorpio brought us to a deeper level of transition of the self. This could mean a lot of people are having what they call a Dark Night of the Soul, just a major transition in one’s life. You could be doing something now that you never dreamed you would be doing, maybe even completely opposite of where you’d thought you would be. And it was very intense as it was also in it’s opposite sign of Taurus. Taurus is about stability, and making sure that we have what we need in order to survive…

This took us to Beltane, which many of you know as May Day. This means we are halfway between the Spring Equinox and the summer solstice. It is a very fertile time, it is good for New Growth and it’s lots of raw energy. This energy was also rippling off the Scorpio full moon on the 29th…transition.

Now to get on where we are now let’s talk about Uranus. On May 15th Uranus will be moving into the sign of Taurus and we’ll stay there until the year 2026. Uranus has been present and the son of Ares since 2011. Another happening that will occur on that same day as we will have the new moon in Taurus which will be highlighting your in his transition from Aries to Taurus. Uranus in Aries brought about a revolutionary energy – one that illuminated the darkness, or the corruption here in this world. Moving into Taurus will allow us to ground this energy, aid us to make the transitions into reality, the physical. It is easy to talk about what we want to change, complain about the injustices, but it’s quite a different to actually do something about it, to make the transitions into reality. It is easy to talk about it, but can you walk that talk. The past 7 years Uranus in Aries was setting the stage, moving into Taurus is about how we will activate and use the energy for the betterment for ourselves, and the world. Uranus loves surprises, revolutionary acts and Taurus rules Finance, banking, material possessions. Many say that this placement is about following the money. There are some that see this as a different kind of banking / such as Financial systems changing. If you will remember there is a bull statue in front of Wall Street for a reason. Now a statue called The Fearless girl stands in front of it, rumors are they are wanting it moved. But for me I see this more of people coming out of the slave mentality and making Rich richer, and begin to start out on their own in more of an entrepreneurial kind of path. The “Fearless Girl” represents the vulnerable being took advantage of by the systems that be. Uranus is about freedom, freedom from the old way. Uranus is feminine and so is Taurus, but not submissive. This is about breaking free from outdated thinking, maybe this will be a time of more women stepping up to the plate on important matters in our world. Taurus represents the sign Venus and represents our inner World, while Uranus is our outer environment. Uranus is shocking, it likes to shock Us in unexpected ways. Meaning that things happen to us in our in our world and prompt us into making the changes we need to make for our outer world. And this energy may feel confrontational, but it is needed. Uranus likes to clear the way for the betterment for all. During this transition, flexibility will be key. Going with the flow will be essential. You’ll need to think on your feet, and be adaptable. This is something we have to face. Taurus is fixed and Uranus unexpected so we will not be able to ignore things and hope they go away. Remember change is a step-by-step process. It happens over time, and remember time is not linear it is circular. Many people are predicting a big Global money Trend, like different forms of currency… Money. Money and career changes could be happening at this time. Human rights, but more of our personal rights such as our food and environment, Taurus energy. This is going to have the energy of humanitarianism. This is a time when the elements tear away from the old Paradigm, forcing us into a new awareness of our environment and our world. An important note here, Scorpio and Taurus has been used for 2,000 plus years for wealth, or more of money symbols.

Taurus is about our relationship to our physical world. Physical things including the Earth, our bodies, animals, money and resources. Remember is planet is Venus, and the second house which is about our personal needs being met. This could be physical luxuries, personal wealth, living comfortably, as well as showing our dependence upon the Earth as our shelter, water, and food. This is a time that new technologies will come to aid us and protecting our resources. So don’t be surprised if we start seeing more eco-friendly inventions to use. Uranus is about the unexpected, so this could be something happening, a shock, to make us, or even force us onto better ways to do things. My best advice for you during this time is to hang on to your seats. You can work with this energy, but I feel for the majority is really going to be about something happening to make you do it.

At the end of the month, on May 29th, we will have our full moon in Sagittarius which is going to highlight Mercury entering Gemini…Sagittarius opposite sign which may give some argumentative energy. But we’ll discuss that when we get there.

On to the reading…

What is the situation?

THE SUN…Here we wanting growth. Many have started new things. Whether it be a job, relationship, or even just a new way of thinking. Our focus is on some sort of new growth and ideas. This card is growth that has stability and long lasting.

What will be crossing our paths?

9 of STONES…This card is about gain, but more of your hard work will pay off. In some ways, you have achieved some goals. Stones are about the material, physical world. This is making our dreams reality.

Advise….5 of CUPS….Along your path, there are things you will need to release before you can move on. With new growth, comes new energy and some people or things will fall away. You see the 4 cups pouring water into the main cup, you. Some things in your life have been weighing you down, you cant let them/it continuously dump their baggage on you.

Outcome… SON OF CUPS…. Here in the outcome position, this is advising us that we need to stay focused upon our path or we are going to lose our vision. If we’re not going to release the old, it is going to influence the future, are manifestations. We have to remain focused upon the task which we are doing so we will be able to manifest what we want. When you’re in the beginning of New Growth it can be very chaotic, and make it easy to lose one’s way. Stay focused here this is going to be really intense energy with this Moon and transition of Uranus into Taurus.

This Transit is all about bringing our dreams, those things that we have envisioned for ourselves, into physical reality. But it is going to take us great focus in order to make this happen. We cannot allow distractions to tear us away from our vision, that which we wish to manifest.

Enchanted New Moon Blessings,

SR 🌙

Healing On the Mountain

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When you have been initiated into the craft, there comes a many changes, Transformations, and transmutations. It is so good when you have a high priestess to go to when you’re going through these changes. These changes can make you feel like you’re completely alone and drowning in a pool of your own emotional baggage. This excerpt is hitting home with me now and I wanted to share it with you all. Because I know many people are going through their own types of struggles and challenges at this time, so maybe this will help.
” While the woman was on the mountain, learning, everything was magic. Now that she is off the mountain, the so-called magical hair has been burned and the fire that destroys illusion, and now it is time for “Afters Zen”. Life is supposed to become mundane again. Yet she has the Bounty of her experience on the mountain. She has knowing. The energy that was bound up and rage can be used for the other things. Now a woman who has come to terms with rage returns to Monday life with new knowing, a new sense that she can more artfully live her life. Yet one day in the future, a something — a look, a word, a tone of voice, a feeling of being patronized, unappreciated, or manipulated against one’s will, (one of these) Will crop up again. Then her residue of pain will catch fire. Rage left over from old injuries can be compared to the trauma of a shrapnel wound. One can pick out almost all the pieces of shattered metal from the missile, but the tiniest shards remain. One would think that if most are out, that would be that. Not so. On some occasions, those tiniest shards Twist and Turn within and cause an ache that feels like the original wounding (rage rising up) all over again.
None of us can entirely Escape our history. We can certainly put it in the background, but it is their nevertheless. However if you will do things for yourself, you will Bridge the rage and eventually everything will come down and be fine. Not perfect but fine. You’ll be able to move ahead. The time of the shrapnel rage will be over.
A woman remembers that she can be both Fierce and generous at the same time. Rage is not like a kidney stone—If you wait long enough, it will pass. No, no. You must take right action. Then it will pass, and more creation will come into your life.”
Excerpt from Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola

Wild Women

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“We cannot stay in the Ecstasy of perfect union forever. For most of us, it is not our path to do so. Our work is rather to be weaned at some point from these most exciting forces, yet to remain and conscious connection to them and to proceed to the next task. It is a fact that we can become fixated on a particularly lovely aspect of psychic Union and attempt to stay there forever, sucking at the sacred tit. This does not mean nurture is destructive. Quite the contrary, nurture is absolutely essential to the journey, and insubstantial amount. In fact, it is not present and adequate amounts, the Seeker will lose energy, fall into depression, and Fade to a whisper. But if we stay at a favorite place in the psyche such as only in Beauty, only in Rapture, individuation slows to a slug. The Naked Truth is that those sacred forces we find within our own psyches someday must be left, at least temporarily, so that the next stage of the process can occur.”
~ Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola

Photography by: Niki Lazaridou, Medusa