Mabon Reading 2017

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Mabon Reading 2017

I pulled this reading for Mabon and the energy we’re in. We are now coming i to the sun sign of Libra which is about balance and relationships. I hope this can help you where you are. 
What energizes me?    7 of STONES reminds me that in order to replenish my energy, I need to make sure I get some R & R.  I need to set time aside each day to ground, and center into our Mother Earth and get the rest, relaxation, nurturing, and healing that my body needs. Going and spending time with nature, spending time with the stone people, with the trees, with the plants, with the birds, the butterflies all of what Nature has to offer and connecting to that energy. That is where I will re-energize and heal my soul. This will be very important during this harvest time as we go into our dark time.
Where should I find comfort?    In what I need to accomplish, I am surrounded by all I need. I need to pull from every one of my gifts in order to manifest what I need. I must trust in myself, and listen to my body…keep my energy flowing.
How can I maintain balance and harmony?    ACE of BOWS…SPARK OF LIFE!  I need to keep creating, keep the energy moving. Learning what I need to learn, challenge myself, and keep the magic alive in my life. Everything will develop in time, I just need to ait back and enjoy the unfolding. No stagnation!
What do I need to leave behind?   KING of ARROWS, THE KINGFISHER. I must leave behind the false sense of control and preconceived ideas I’ve had. Old thought patterns, habits that have limited me or kept me back. If I want to grow, I have to release and allow it. 

Hope this reading helps you all as we begin our harvesting. 

Mabon Blessings, 

Sirona Rose ūüĆô


Virgin Birth

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Good morningStarshine! There’s quite a buzz goingon about this weekend, and hopefully this can clear some things up. 

Today is the 20th and it is Rosh Hashanah. It is the end of the Jewish year 5777. It is told, prophesized, within their religion that this is the time that the new Messiah will be born. This is the coming of the bride and bridegroom,  the day the door closed to the world. There’s actually a lot of Prophecy around this time especially the 22nd and 23rd of September. Many people believe this is the end of the world, for Christians, this is what they consider to be the second coming. Now why do they view it as the second coming? Well we’re having a wonderful astrological event happening in Our Stars on the 22nd and 23rd, this is the same time as the Autumn Equinox, Mabon. Today, September 20th, is also the new moon in Virgo which is a very healing sign. Now what exactly is going on in Our Stars to make people believe that this is the end of the world are the second coming? Well simply put, Jupiter and Virgo are going to have a little bit of a dance in the stars,so to speak. You see Jupiter is going to enter the constellation of Virgo. Jupiter, the king, will go around Virgo’s, The Virgin, belly and then exit out through her feet. Yes, this is what is referred to as a virgin birth. In the Christian Concepts,  in Revelations to be specific, it speaks of this moment.  In Revelations 12 verses 1 through 2 and ‚ÄúA great sign appeared in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of twelve Stars. She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth‚ÄĚ. Now, what this is meaning is there’s going to be nine stars in the Leo constellation, including three planets, and the Moon will be at her feet and the Virgin, Virgo, will be bathed in the Sun. Here we can clearly see where we are;  the sun sign of Virgo and the three planets are Mercury Venus and Mars. They will be at the head of Virgo and Jupiter will be in the center, which will then circle around the center of the constellation of Virgo and leave through the East which is her feet. Jupiter is the king planet, this movement is the concept of rebirth. This is, as the prophecy says, is when the Virgin will give birth to a son who is destined to rule all the nations with an iron rod. 
Now we all know that prophecy is prophecy. Many like to take it very literal, but those of us that are in the Psychic/intuitive World know that it doesn’t always necessarily mean literal. When we get psychic or intuitive impressions, it is always symbolic.  What we have to understand is we are in a place of transition. We are in the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, and this was prophesized as well. These are ages that our planet goes through, Cycles, seasons. Our planet is a living, breathing organism  and she does go through changes just as we all do. The last time this happened was in September of the years 1827, 1483, 1293,  and 1056. 

What are those changes to bring? That’s another conversation entirely. But at this time this is what the main Buzz is. This is the reason why people need to be trained, and well versed in these areas. But if you can stay ignorant in these times, this is a good way that people can convince you of other things that are happening. We have to stop looking at astrology is something that is completely foreign to us. As above so below, as within so without. These teachings were mandatory before the Dark Ages. Remember the Library of Alexandria, remember that is looked back on as the age of what they consider enlightenment. In this new Age of Aquarius even though it is very rocky now, I do believe that we will have Enlightenment out of this. There is a lot of natural disasters that is going on in our world right now, true. But understand the earth goes through cycles and changes just like we do. Listen to your indigenous peoples as they speak, they knew this was coming. Like the saying goes let those who have eyes see, let those who have ears hear. I will write more on this as I go into Mabon because I do feel that Mabon myths are very important for this time. I will be writing more of the new moon, I just wanted to get this out so people can understand what is going on. It’s just to much to write at one time. 

There’s no need to panic, there’s no need to be worried, but there is a time to be enlightened.


Sirona Rose ūüĆô

The Spark of Life

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The Spark of Life, or God particle, is something heavily debated. This is when scientists believe life begins. Physicist Brian Greene explains it as if you’re trying to hear a tiny whisper over a NASCAR race. This spark of life has intrigued many people, but what is it and why is it important in your life? The spark of life here is shown to be The Ace of bows, and it represents the element of Fire. Its position on The Wheel is summer, it is in between Midsummer and Lughnasadh, commonly known as Lammas. The book on this Tarot, speaks of the skillful ability fueled by Will. If you’ve ever shot a bow and arrow, you know that it takes practice, concentration, and great skill to hit your target accurately…. it has to be precise. Aces always represent raw energy, and it is the fertile beginning of something. So, as we are looking at the spark of life, we also look at new beginnings. We all have read that the brain can in fact rewire itself. With that in mind, we look at our habits a little bit differently., but that takes work. 

The Ace of Bows tells us it is time for a new beginning. This may mean giving new life to something you already do..enhancing it.  This could also give you the message of its time to start a new path, learn a new trade/skill, or just have a new start. The energy is there to make it happen, especially with Venus, the North Node, and Jupiter forming a grand trine with Uranus and Saturn. One thing it will take is commitment. To be a successful bow Hunter, you have to have a connection to the Earth and your environment…as well as your prey.  When we are manifesting,  we often get frustrated and impatient pushing your goals further away from you.  

The energy is ripe for new beginnings, but it will take patience, directed energy, connection, and passion.  If you’ve been wanting to start something new, change unhealthy habits, become better at something, now is the time. You just have to decide if you are really committed to it.

Happy Manifesting, 

Sirona RoseūüĆô

Heron, King of Vessels

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The Heron was not a common bird to me as I was growing up. I could only experience his energy when I was close to the beach. The Blue Heron always amazed me, I could feel that he was a bird from a different time and space. As I grew up, I learned more and more of the gifts the Heron brings us. He dances between the worlds, gifting us with messages from our ancestors. He is known as the guardian of esoteric knowledge. His place on the wheel is Lughnasadh to Samhain. He serves as the gate keeper between this world and the Celtic Underworld. 

Vessels represent water, and includes our emotions, relationships, compassion, Romance, forgiveness, Faith, morning, and being of the heart. The Heron serves in essence as a mediator, as he is in between. So here, we are seeing diplomacy, as well as fairness. So at this time,  with the Virgo energy that we are having, and our position on the wheel of the Year, this is the perfect time for the Heron to make himself known. Here we are asked to show compassion, we are asked to temper our emotions and and not go off the deep end, so to speak. The Heron reminds me of the delicate balance in between this world and the Celtic underworld, the space between. As we approach the Autumn Equinox, the veils are thinning, and this Heron will make himself known in many different ways. The Heron will bring messages from your ancestors, from those loved ones who have passed, reminding you of the calmness in between the storm… Being the eye of the hurricane.

He is the bridge, the in between, seeing both sides. Its time to meet in the middle. Stop with the excess, being too much one way than the other. This really goes along with the astro-energy reading I did yesterday. I am being told that it’s time to have some compassion, patience, and to temper my emotions. With one foot in this world and the other in the Other, ground and centered, I will be able to see the bigger picture of what is going on…this is my key to the door of unlimited possibilities. 


Sirona Rose 

Eclipsing into the Eye of Irma

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I, among many others, decided to go to the belt of the eclipse to experience the energy of the eclipse. ¬†Many indigenous peoples warned against it, saying it was a private time between the sun and moon; those to were out in it would get sick; and the energy of beginning and ending together is not something that human soul should experience. ¬†So, still My friends and I proceeded. ¬†It was an amazing time, took some good pictures, and even got the waves on video. ¬†There were others gathered with us, and it was a time of great comradery among people. ¬†It was as if for that second, we could all forget all the crab going on in the world. ¬†We, these strangers of the night and day, were experiencing a rare occurrence with a spectacular sight. ¬†For many of us, it was our first total eclipse, and it was amazing….it was an amazing moment in time. ¬†An experience I will never forget, and the couple standing with us…Tony and Emily. ¬†We cheered as it went dark, and the temperature dropped 20 degrees just in that moment. ¬†We were having an awesome experience, and we knew it. ¬†We watched the moon completely clear the sun, then packed up our stuff and got an ice cream. ¬†The energy of that was remarkable, but as I did experience it, I understood what the indigenous people meant. ¬†It did feel private, it did feel like a cutting of the knees, only to give you new life. ¬†The full ending and beginning was greatly felt. ¬†Along with the new moon that day, that ending and beginning was greatly felt. ¬†Afterwards, I did feel a sense of great change coming…not good nor bad, just change. ¬†So, here we are, a little over a couple weeks afterwards and look at all that is going on.

For me, work has become a bit stress and I worry about what exactly is going to happen to this company. ¬†I went through an initiation, was rear-ended while sitting at a stop sign, and now I am evacuating for the hurricane Irma. ¬†My first question is “Why did they name a hurricane after a war Goddess?” ¬†In old German, Irma means war Goddess…just tempting fate in my option. ¬†Heck, just name it Morrighan lol well I guess I shouldn’t tempt fate as well. ¬†I sit here this morning in pain from the accident that happened on the 23rd of August. Sleeping isnt that easy, my mobility isnt great, and of course pain. One of the friends that went with me to watch the solar event, hurt her back the day after my wreck..yep she is still in pain. ¬†Is this part of the energy from the eclipse? ¬†Could the intense energy of ending and beginning force us into re-creating our lives? Is the new beginning energy forcing us into a place where we are having to look into different paths? Sure sometimes a duck is just a duck, but I am not one that believes in coincidences.

In this month, we will be having the Autumn Equinox, a time when light and dark are equal. ¬†At this time, astrologically, there is a major alignment happening that many state is prophecy (I’ll write more on this later). ¬†This month is the end of the Judea calendar, 5,777, in which the messiah is expected, many Christian believe it is the second coming. ¬†Seeing all the natural disasters that we are having now, I can see how many would jump on that band wagon. ¬†One thing I know is that Mother has shifted, her poles are moving. ¬†Our Mother goes through cycles, we’ve had the Ice Age, and now global warming which some think is preparing us for a future Ice Age. ¬†There are some Native American stories that tell of Mother’s changes throughout the centuries. ¬†I know that we are living in a time of transition, and it takes some strong souls to be here at this time. ¬†We are in the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, we are going from one energy to another and we need to recognize this. ¬†With transition comes change, comes new ways and new perspectives….and I for one believe we need this new perspective.

Maybe Harvey, and now Irma are hear to remind us that we live on one planet and we are all apart of the human race. ¬†The violence, and those that start or are behind it need to be stopped. ¬†The Dark Ages are in the past for a reason, and those uneducated ways need to be left there….well they need to be abolished. ¬†Many times it takes something drastic to happen in order for us to see things differently. ¬†We cant become so lost in the forest, we loose our way. I am off to finish preparing and packing, giving Irma her space to do what she needs to do. I am sad for having to leave my home, as I am not sure when I will be able to return. ¬†Doing this while injured is very challenging but it is what is it….very thankful for my daughter. ¬†May every one stay safe, do the best to protect you and yours. ¬†Make sure you keep yourself grounded, walk around barefoot outside to help you, eat light meals, and do deep breathing. The changing of the seasons are upon us.


Sirona Rose

Pisces Full Moon

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“Pisces Moon shining bright, gives my inner voice light; Creating freely, I let my dreams take flight, releasing the illusionary control. Aid me in healing these emotional ties, that bind me to a version of me that is lies. By honoring my Soul, I follow it’s call and allow myself to create my ideal life and to fully unfold”

Happy Pisces Full Moon! ¬†The moon was full at 3:03am, and the moon was definitely bright last night. ¬†This is our harvest moon, as this is the time we are harvesting our food, our bounty. ¬†The eclipse season is coming to an end, although the solar eclipse we just had with echo for about 6 mos. ¬†This energy has been one crazy ride, and many of us are just exhausted. ¬†Pisces is a water sign, it’s ethereal, dreamy, mystical, creative,spiritual, healing, and can be soothing but it can take us into deep emotional waters. ¬†Pisces is the whole (some astrologers say the sum of all of the signs), and can help us see the bigger picture, your ideal life that you want to live…highest ideals in all areas of your life. ¬†I think this is great energy after the eclipse. ¬†The past eclipse was about hearing your Soul’s calling and following it, so with Pisces energy, you will be able to set healthy boundaries, being able to see the true benefit, and releasing all that does not serve you. ¬†Water is about being fluid, remember that. ¬†The sun is now in Virgo, and this is aiding in some deep emotional healing. This can be a sensitive time, and maybe your feelings might be all over the place. ¬†Virgo is a healing sign, but it also a grounding one. Virgo heals the body then mind, while Pisces heals the mind then the body (they are opposite). ¬† We have to realize that we all create our lives we live. ¬†The eclipse in Leo was about shining that inner light, bringing your desire to be into the light. ¬†Virgo is helping us ground that energy into being…make your dreams into reality. ¬†Saturn in Sagittarius went direct which will help you ground, but this energy can feel a little bit forceful. ¬†But it is helping you stay on track and not get distracted, creating the life you want. ¬†Pluto’s influence is aiding in the healing process, as it will help you to release that isnt needed anymore. It is time to build a healthy, wealthy life, and remember it all starts in the Spiritual. Jupiter is in Libra, so this is touching on relationships. ¬†In this healing, we look at our relationships and ask us “what have we learned about our self from our relationships?”. ¬†Look at the people that surround you, what have you been projecting?

Mercury is now stationed in Leo on the 5th in the same degree as the past eclipse, it’s time to take action. ¬†This energy is allowing us to have different perspectives, see new ways to live our dreams giving us very creative energy. ¬†Leo says “Live your passion” , and Mercury says “lets explore the ways we can do that”. ¬†Surround yourself with things that inspire you. ¬†Mercury in Leo, Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius, Mars in Virgo are forming a grand trine and this energy is empowering. ¬†This trine will aid you in the energy to accomplish, create and bring clarity to your vision. ¬†This is great energy lining up for you, so please take advantage of this. ¬†Keep in mind this is a time of transition, so stay focused on your purpose.

on to the reading…..


The SHAMAN is one who walks to the beat of his own drum.  He is magic and offers the illumination of the Soul.  Here, we are asked to sit in silence and listen to our Soul and to answer it.  When we listen to our Soul, we begin to understand who and what we bring to this world.  When you find your passion, you have to apply yourself to manifesting it. You have to apply intent to your creation.  Dedication to your vision is needed here, and powerful intention. He creates his world and reminds us that You and only you have this power.

The 10 of STONES asks us “does your environment support you?”. ¬†It is important that you surround yourself with that which supports you and your ideals. ¬†This is especially true with the people that surround you, are you getting support or is it more negativity? Your environment is very important, you would not plant your garden in infertile soil. ¬†If it doesnt support or sustain you, what go is it? You can not continually drain yourself and expect yourself to be full. ¬†Inspiration leads to creativity, which leads to manifestation.

The 2 of VESSELS show us the perfect union. ¬†This card is about the ultimate happiness; ideal relationships, jobs, place to live…the ideal life that we want for our Self. ¬†Our hearts are on fire, and our cups runth over.

Taking our own life, happiness, in our own hands, working (intention) hard, staying focused on our goal, surrounding our Self with those things that feed our Soul, will bring us to our ideal life. The Shaman is practical and connected to the Earth (stands strong in his truth), we can not get lost with distractions We have to understand we are creating every day.  Focus is very important, as it is what you will manifest. Think it, then breathe life into it. If you have to say affirmations every morning, then do so.  Surround yourself with things that inspire you and feed your Soul!

Many blessings on this Pisces Full Moon,

Sirona Rose

So you want to serve as Priestess…..

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“Do you want to serve as Priestess? 

Think about the phrasing of that question. Whenever we refer to someone who functions as a religious leader, we almost always refer to the role as one of a servant. This semantic truth cuts across all religious lines, and remains true whether that leader is male or female. Simply defined, a priestess as one who serves both her people and her deities. It is not a managerial position in which you get to give orders to others, and it is not an ego enhancing office designed to allow you to feel set above the others in your circle. A Priestess is a mediator, a facilitator, and a teacher. Pagan Priestesshood is a life-long commitment to service, one that requires humility, good judgment, and self responsibility to fulfill. The concept of service is echoed in ancient mythology. That the cauldron are Grail is symbolic of the divine feminine, especially in Celtic traditions, is a given. They also symbolize the Priestess as the goddess incarnate. In the Grail Legends of the Arthurian myths, we have three questions being posed to those who seek the sacred Grail. The first is “Who does the Grail serve?” The answer, of course, turns out to be it serves Humanity. Therefore a Priestess who has accepted the Earthly mantle of the Goddess must serve Humanity as she would the goddess.”

~ Edain McCoy, Celtic Womens Spirituality