AstroTarot ~Aquarius New Moon

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Happy New Moon in Aquarius along with a Solar Eclipse. We also had some strong solar flares to asd to the mix. Now we need to be prepared as solar flares affect us and our Mother.

Solar Flares greatly affect the Earth’s Magnetic Field. Usually after a big storm, the Earth experiences “big” storms herself. These storms affect the Central Nervous System (stomach lining), all brain activity (including equilibrium), along with human behavior and all psycho-physiological (mental-emotional-physical) response. Basically, the flares it create a big of a storm in our bodies as well. We have feelings of nervousness, sleeplessness, queasy, nauseous, jittery, worrisome, headaches and pressure in the head. It can also cause our cellular memories to awaken and clear, for those of you dealing with the past. The good thing about this intense energy is it is higher frequency, which aids us in our manifestations. The trick is to be anchored!! Staying grounded is very important. If you dont know how to ground, an easy way is to imagine roots growing out of your feet growing deeper and deeper into the Earth’s Core. Then simply wrap your roots out Earths Core.

Arius New MOon does give us a bit of a push for adding more new, innovative joy in our lives. The New Moon will occur at 4:06 PM EST in the sign of Aquarius IN our double Aquarius signs, our own truths will be highlighted as well as our personal success and our own moral code. Aquarius’s planet is Uranus and uranus is all about the ground-breaking, whimsical unusual things. This energy is one that shakes up the status quo, by crumbling away the old to build a stronger foundation. Uranus’ ultimate goal is to transform us into an improved adaptable human being. We have to remember that, we are Spiritual beings having a human experience….and thats the key word, experience.

It’s time for affirmations! Venus is Pisces will help with that energy as well.

It’s time for us to get those vision boards done! Have you put together a vision board for yourself before? One thing that a lot of us lost is our imagination. And, well, honestly the nose-to-the-grindstone lifestyle kills it. This is why I keep speaking the importance of ME time. When we are in that space, it can open us up to create from our heart and soul.

Remember, that eclipse will cause chaos, as well as these solar flares…so roll with this. All creation comes from chaos, YOU direct it’s energy.

Today I am using The Good Tarot, as it has a lighter feeling.

We start out with the KING of WATER, and here we are mastering the waters of emotions. We have been listening, and getting ahold of our emotions. This year has started out very intense, and here we had the energy to work with our emotions, figuring out exactly what we feel and tried working from a neutral position. WE’ve had the opportunity at self mastery and not judging something right off hand but to allow things to unfold. Hopefully, you worked with this, as this energy opens us up to the EMPRESS which is all about fertility. This energy allows for some wonderful creativity. Become the manifester of your life. Time to set goals, create our vision boards, and create what we want. Our challenge is MESSENGER of FIRE, and she is telling us it is time for adventure. Seems our challenge here is not allowing ourself to open up to the creative energy that is around us. This New Moon is giving us a push in energy, take it. We need to relax, and open up. Our advice is the 10 oc WATER. Our advice is no matter where you are, it is never too late to open yourself up to happiness and joy. There is so much negative out there, so it would behoove us to start looking at the things that we love and appreciate, those things that bring us joy. When we are in this positive place, it will allow you to open up to the creative energy that is around you. This leads us to our outcome, the 6 of EARTH and this tells us to expect unexpected opportunities. This is a stable energy, and it is telling us not to give up that if we keep going forward, good surprises will come to you.

Wishing you all a blessed Aquarius New Moon!




Burning Away the Past

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Today our waning Moon travels from the transformational sign of Scorpio into the expansive sign of Sagittarius at 9:15am est. This is an excellent time to release and let go. This is one thing in particular I have been working on, and I will say I have been waiting on this moon. For many I have been speaking with, it seems that we are coming to an end of a cycle. With Imbolc behind us, and the Spring Equinox approaching, I will say the energy is right for it.

All the beginning of this year I have really been looking at my life and where I am going, where’s my energy going, where is this path leading, and who is in my life. The past year my writing has pretty much cease to exist, and that isnt good for me. It feels like those thing that i love to do, i do not have the time to do. Or I am so worn out I do not have the energy to do them. Writing is like my second nature, so I am really puzzled as to why i am here at this place. Since the injury I received from the wreck in August, it has really put me in a different place of thinking. That accident wasn’t my fault, as I was sitting there still and was rear-ended. My intuition told me not to go that way, so I didnt listen. Our soul tries to guide us in the ways that will best benefit us, but we have to listen to that. In this placement, it really calls us to search for the ultimate true within. To learn and grow, finding my own truth and sharing that with others. This energy urges us to rise to the challenge of any situation. This placement is being seen as do it NOW! It is time to go big. Sagittarius wants us to keep expanding and growing, and that can only happen when we release the past, that which doesnt serve you any more. In our winter months we do go inward and do the inner work that may not be visible to the outside world at that time. I am learning the great significance in actually letting go. Hanging on to the old keeps us there. There is a time to let go and pass it on. Things that I thought I had to have, are only an option now or not needed. That hanging on keeps us limited, puts walls around us. It’s time to let Sagittarius’ fire burn those limits away now.

Being down, it makes you look at all areas of your life with different perspective. I have taken this time to peer into the reflective waters of Scorpio and allow it to show me those things that I couldn’t see while I was in the middle of the action. I have achieved much of what I wanted to achieve, and now it is time for me to go to my next step. It is time to start my new chapter and go to the next phase of my life. As they say “go big or go home!”

Tonight, take a moment to think about what you need to release, what you need to let go of and decide where you want to go; physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, etc. This energy is a grounded type of energy, one that really allows you to see the bigger picture. Change is in the air. Embrace your past, as it put you here where you are, but release it. The waiting is over, it is time for you to take the reigns. This is optimistic, creative, inspiring, and ready to face the challenge kind of energy….dont miss out on it!



Super Leo Blue-Blood Full Moon

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If your missed my radio broadcast on, this is the reading for this full moon.

Energetically, this will be an opening, a doorway to your life path. With the sun and venus in Aquarius, this will give us plenty of opportunity to connect with like minded people, as you will want to connect with those you resonate with. Mercury also enters Aquarius, which helps us gain more clarity with envisioning the life we want. You see full moons shine light on those things that were hidden in the shadows. And this Super blue full moon eclipse this energy will be the energy of 3 full moons together. Eclipses are when sudden changes happen, and with the moon being in the prideful side of leo…we are facing different sides of our Self, and this could go either way. Eclipses pull on our consciousness, and with it being opposite our sun in Aquarius is really highlighting things about our self that has been hidden. In many times, this can be things that we may not even know about yourself. Remember, eclipses bring radical changes, so this can mean drastic changes in your life. This can be really good, especially when you are unhappy with your current situation. The Moon’s node and the moon are both in Leo, opposite Venus in Aquarius, our relationships, especially love relationships, will be giving us a new perspective on who we want to be in relationship with. With love, the conventional ways will go out of the window, as the eclipse brings errotic, not the norm type of energy. You may find yourself being attracted to others that you wouldn’t normally be attracted to. To me this eclipse is like Cerridwen’s Cauldron, its filled with many different possibilities. Mars is in Sagittarius gives us a boost of adventurous playful energy and inspiration. These great energy burst will be great, but it can lead to over extending yourself which can trigger our tempers, so watch out for anger and be patient now..with yourself and others. Allow things to unfold. From changing jobs, to starting your own business, to marriage, to divorce, to moving and having children, This moons offers a variety of different changes in our lives. If you are going to be working with the energy of this moon, be very specific about what you want and where you want to go. Many will say that the energy is uncertain at this time, so focus will be key. You will want to make sure that your mind, heart and soul are in alignment and be prepared to take the road that is less traveled.

On to the reading:
The lynx has taught us that being grounded is key. Our visions are great and needed, but pulling them down to earth so we can bring them into our physical world is the way to get them to grow. We have to have our strong foundation to build what we want on stable ground. His lesson is to take one step at a time, using common sense, study and research, focused and committed. This is the way to proceed in manifesting what we want into the physical.

We are going to the 2 of vessels which is attraction. Through the Lynx wise counsel, we are guided to relationships and partnerships that share our same vision. We are connecting with our tribes, so to speak. We are networking with those that can help us get where we need to be, those of the same understandings. This card is about forming our groups, our alliances so we can acheive that which we want to achieve.

Our challenge is the 9 of vessels which is about our generosity. Here make sure you are not giving more than you are getting. We can be so helpful so some, that we make them dependent upon us to give or do all for them. Wehave to remember that we have to give to ourself as well, such as rest, time off, time alone…we have rejuvenate as well. Dont give all of yourself to fruitless things, remember fairly give and fairly take.

Our advice is the page of vessels, the Otter. The symbolic meaning water deals with the divine feminine, which is a major life-giving energy. Here the Otter tells us that we must listen to our intuition, and to go with the flow. We can not continue to go wtih what is against what we feel. We have to be in alignment with our position in our lives. Also, its important to be ruled by our emotions, it always a good idea to step back and remember the lesson of the Lynx. Trust what your intuition is saying to you, trust in yourself.

Where we are going is the 9 of arrows and this is about dedication. Taking this path of the cards, we are going into a time of becoming dedicate to our life path. We are learning how to hone our skills, so we can focus on living a life that we wish to live. We are heeding the Soul’s calling, and focusing on our steps to get there. There will be, at times, hard work required of us and at times extreme self-discipline to achieve our goals. At times we will be going against the norm of society, or walking a path that others do not think of as important or what you should be doing…this will take devotion to ourself as well as self discipline to keep answering the call of our soul. If you truly want to manifest your goals, if you truly want to walk the path of your soul, you will do what you need to do.

The overall energy of the reading The Pole Star…..This card shows a person walking a path toward a big bright star. This card is placed at Imbolc, which is coming up soon. This card can be seen a new beginning, a new cycle. This card reminds us that there are greater things beyond us. This is a card of prophetic guidance that can bring you a new perspective to bring about the changes in your life that need to take place. This is Steller conscious, as above so below. The Pole Star was a constant navigation aid for our ancient ancestors as the other stars danced around its fixed positions. This card reminds us of our connectedness to our world, even with our stellar bodies. For us, what is our Polar Star? It is our Soul. Our Soul is trying to light our path by giving us signs, intuitive messages, and feeling certain ways. Its time to is time to start living a consciously minded life…walking your true authentic path.

Hope you all use this reading to your greateat benefit. Yes, this does require conscious thinking. This is exactly what we need to
be doing. We need to be deliberate in our manifesting and live our lives to the freateat potential….it is ultimately in your hands.

As Above, So below,
Many blessings,


Capricorn New Moon Reading

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Happy New Moon! The New Moon will be at 9:17pm EST in the sign of Capricorn, and this is one powerful new moon. One thing I want to point out is that Capricorn is the Hermit card in the tarot. Hermit card is about going inwards (alone), it’s a time to seek solitude. The Hermit tells us that is it time to become a true Spiritual Self Master, and the only way to get there is going inward and doing some deep introspection (self inventory) and walking our path with our mind, heart, and soul aligned. With that being said, Capricorn’s opposite is Cancer…and Capricorn without Cancer is very cold. Cancer adds warmth, and compassion; it is our emotional, intuitive self. Capricorn tells us to keep climbing that mountain to achieve this alignment. This is a great energy to begin new things; relationships, jobs, starting your own business, etc. Capricorn tells us to take responsibility of our Self and to claim who we are. With change may come fear, as you may feel like you are losing control..control is an illusion. The Ego can take us into some very fearful places, do not see things changes as bad changes can be growth. You can not control things outside of you, but you can control YOU..your response to the changes. We need to focus on responding, instead of reacting. These changes/challenges can trigger some past traumas, these are ones you havent fully worked through. This could’ve been the time when you felt out of control and lost your footing. Be patient with yourself. In order to move past this challenge, you must first move through it. This is definitely the time to be flexible and truly listen to your inner voice (intuition). This Capricorn New Moon tells us it is a time to make a commitment to our Self. You are the creator of your life, now manifest. Maybe you’re not sure what you want, then take some time to be still. Think about where you want to be, who you want to be there with you, what is your vision for yourself? It is time to make those goals, be practical here, and go step by step in achieving them. Sure there may be curve balls thrown at you, but Capricorn takes this as an awesome challenge to see just how creative they can be and still climb up to the top of that mountain. This may mean setting healthy boundaries in relationships, and allowing those things that are not serving our vision to fall away. Are you afraid to set boundaries, and if so why? Our planetary alignments are compelling us to take definite action in our life; make the hard choices that need to be make and do what is necessary for you to go forward. New Moons are when we plant seeds to that which we want to accomplish with the next moon cycle, and even in our long term goals. Look at where you are, are you happy? Take this wonderful opportunity to manifest your goals. Capricorn is realistic, so be grounded in your visions. While in the Moon is dark, it is in the womb so this is a very fertile time. Set your intentions, be patient, and step by step allow (flexibility) to unfold. Remember, Capricorn’s highest vibration is Divine Energy.

I want to mention, along with the New Moon being in Capricorn, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto are in this sign as well creating the Stellium Alignment. This is when three (or four or more, when the sun and moon is involved as it is now) planets are in the same sign or house placement…which translates to, this is a very powerful, fertile time, take advantage of this energy! If you would like to hear more about this, tune into Thursday at 9pm est.


Our Reading:


Where we are leaving is the 5 of ARROWS/FRUSTRATION. Here we’re frustrated indeed. This card is saying that we need to focus on what really supports us. Get a clear vision of where you want to go, focus on it, and go. Frustration is the feeling we get when we are going nowhere, stop spinning your wheels. In the card you see his mark is right in front of him, and he’s just firing aimlessly. The word sin is an archer word, simply meaning missing your mark. So, here you are missing what is truly important. Step back, regroup, what is it you want to accomplish, commit to it, and GO!


We are entering the energy of the KNIGHT of ARROWS/HAWK. Hawks are truly the masters of air. They are known to be symbolic of vision and power. They have the ability to fly at high attitudes, and nest there, and see prey from those very great heights. They are such majestic birds and as fearless as they come. This is a focused energy, as they see their prey, and strike with direct intention. This energy tells us to keep our eye on where we are going, seeing all advantages and disadvantages, as the Hawk sees through all layers. Release anything that will weigh you down. Stand strong in your truth.


Our outcome is the KING of STONES/WOLF. The Wolf is a master hunter. Our ancient ancestors held much reverence for this being, which is completely warranted. Here we have the security of Self, being able to support yourself, walking your soul’s path confidently, manifesting our goals.


Our KEY words for this New Moon:  Time to take your life by the hand by the hand, take responsibility for your Self, decide where you are going, what is your Soul’s call, listen to your inner voice, be patient with yourself, be flexible, do what you need to do, have your mind, heart, and Soul alignment, commit to YOU! The best times to do your new moon intentions is when the new moon becomes exact and these times are…….9:17pm 1/17 through 1:30am 1/17/2018 and then again at 3:2am 1/17 through 9:17pm 1/18/2018 these are all Eastern Standard Times.


Many Blessings,


Black Squirrel Message

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One thing I love about living out in the country is all the wildlife I come in contact with. Some animals are familiar to me, and others are just introducing themselves to me. I will be the first to admit that the past year has been a hectic one. Work took most of my time, leaving me very little time for my Spiritual work. Being on a Goddess path, this is not a good thing at all. She teaches us about the cycles of life, and those equal change which is not conducive for the mundane bump and grind. It is when we come to this point where we realize our morality. LIfe is very short, and we should work to live, instead of living to work. I used to look at those people with pity in my eyes, as I felt they were missing big chunks of awesome memories. Being “in” your work, you are unable to truly experience your life…and those in it. Thus keeping us from our humanism.

On one of my journey’s the other day, I came across an animal I had never seen or even heard of for that matter. I came face to face with the unique Black Squirrel. The Black Squirrel is found in the Midwestern states, Northeastern states, Canada, and Great Britain. This is a relatively a rare breed of squirrels as they are 1 in every 100,000 that are black. Not only did I see one Black Squirrel, I saw another one with a brown tail. I was in shock and honored all at the same time. I knew that this animal and I crossed paths for a reason, now it was up to me to learn the message that was being told to me.

Squirrels are very productive and prepared. They gather nuts all summer to prepare for the winter months, but these hard workers play as hard as they work. So here, I can hear the message of “play more”. For the past few months, year, I have been working hard on several things and my plate has been quite full. So I meditated on squirrel energy a bit longer, and i realized something I hadn’t noticed before. I knew that sometimes they bury nuts then forget where they buried them…hmmm They work so hard, then in their scurrying about forget where they put their nuts, scattered and wasted energy.

I can see this mirror in my life. I see how I have been scattering my energy and losing my focus. When we stretch ourselves out too thin, we lose our direction, which makes us lose out footing. You get lost in all the mumbo-jumbo. We stop hearing our intuition because of the murmuring of the noises around us.  

My message was to be productive and get done what I need to do, yes, don’t be all work and no play though, it makes for a stressful, boring life. Be mindful where you are spending your energy doing, don’t be to scattered as I week lose my focus. That’s the key word here, FOCUS. Don’t forget where I buried my nuts.

And the color black? Well, this is about grounding, helping us break the illusions of the mind. Here, these illusions and get us of path. In this energy realm you’re dealing with energies that deal with your spirit journey. This message is to grow my excess energy; to focus on those things that truly matter and focus my energy into grounding them..Making them a reality.  

I have been walking with the Black Squirrel energy for almost a week now and I’m really learning how to adorns my time wisely,and productively instead losing it on things that really do not serve me.  I still feel the energy around me, as we are still technically in the shadow.

Many Blessings,


Ancestor’s Message Full Moon/New Year 2018

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As we are leaving 2017 and entering 2018, we are going deeper and deeper in the Age of Aquarius. Astrologically speaking, we are having a lot of happenings in our stars. During this change of Ages, things are shaky because we are learning how to find our footing again. The Age of Pisces was definitely one of control, especially through religious means, and seeing it all monothestically. The Age of Aquarius is giving us our wings, and teaching us that we can fly…and catch our self if need be. Today, ALL planets will be going direct so take advantage of this GO energy.


Energy we are leaving……King of Stones; the Wolf, loyal very traditional, depends heavily upon traditional life choices to bring pleasure and security, even if our heart, mind, and body doesn’t agree with it. The Ancient Picts saw the Wolf as the animal that would escort the dead to the other world. Here we are seeing an ending on what we once thought was dependable life choices (the illusion), moving on to something that is more tangible. We have to step beyond the teachings of what the Age of Pisces brought us, understanding the importance in the natural world…the way our ancestors saw the world. The dog eat dog world is coming to an end, as we give way to the ancient teachings of our one true security….Mother Earth.

Energy we are going in to;  The Shaman, teaches us to listen to our intuition, and learn from the natural world. By surrendering to our Self and truly listening to our Soul’s call, we can learn where our true place is in the world. He reminds us of our passions gives us the desire to start a new path in our life. Shamans are seen as someone working  mostly on our inner spiritualism, we are guided to bring this inner into our outer world. Here he advises us “as within, so with out”, to do things from our spirit and from our soul level. Working from our intuition finding out who we are on our soul levels. Living a life filled with true intent, instead of the everyday bump and grind. This is the energy that the Shaman is bringing in and it perfect with the Age of Aquarius. We are going into a new time of discovery of the self and our world, both inner and outer, and being conscious of what we want to produce. Our ancestors are showing us, we just have to allow them.  


Challenges; the Queen of Bows, the Hare can be very sympathetic and empathetic. As we may come across others that do not understand the path we are choosing, we have to stop the urge to be a people pleasers. Our loved ones can pull on our heart-strings, encouraging us to stay in the rut, not to rock the boat, to stay in the land of illusion and just go about your life. Being caught up in that illusion, we may miss important opportunities that could present themselves to us. We have to do what is right for us; mind, body, and soul have to be in alignment. One thing to remember is that the Hare also represents good luck in your endeavors, and can help you on your path to that which you desire.

Our advice is The Blasted Oak. Here we are reminded that in order to go forward in our present, we must first sacrifice the past, to release it. We must understand seasons and cycles and our lives are very important, our ancestors knew of this. They took time and celebrated the different cycles the Earth went through, as well as humanity. Things have become so dysfunctional It is shaking us to our Core, allowing the illusions to fall away, leaving us to see with clarity. It is time to rebuild on more secure land. It is not advisable to build your house on mud, building your house on rock is better. This goes into your life as well. We have to be well rooted in order to grow strong and last for while. Are you well rooted in yourself? In your beliefs?

Our outcome; Page of Bows, colored with the three sacred colors of our ancestors, red, black and white, the Stoat is a great hunter (intuition) and has the ability to live underground (see what is hidden). Listening to our intuition will allow us to see through things to the truth of what has been hidden from us. Pages can also mean a person or thing bringing us news, new ideas, or thought patterns. So this could also mean someone coming into our lives or an event that is to help us to move into a path that is more that is more in alignment of who we truly are. Remember here that energy is energy, so it’s not really good or is all in our perception of the said energy. So, be mindful and watch, do not judge too quickly here as you may mistake something good as something bad.

Happy New Year, Happy Cancer Full Moon and happy ALL planets direct day!!!



Cancer Full Moon January 1, 2018

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When you discipline your mind

Releasing all the distractions;

tap into your creative energy,

seeing all that you wish to be manifest

You’ll realize your goals will be just around the corner.


The Full Moon is going to fall at an auspicious time, at the beginning of the new year. Lady Luna will become full at 9:24pm est on January 1, 2018 in the sign of Cancer. We are starting out in very intense energy. Here’s the lineup: In Capricorn we have Pluto, the Sun, Venus and Saturn; in Scorpio we have Mars and Jupiter; Neptune in Pisces; Uranus in Aries (Rx). This is one heck’va energetic line up going into this new year.

The first message I get when I look at the chart is: “Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to put on your BIG girl britches!” This past year of transformation was giving us plenty of energy to release and let go of the things that aren’t truly serving us, or things that we have just grown beyond. Now, we are being put in the light, as it’s time to walk the talk or sit down and be quiet. One of the major shifts that have happened is Saturn entering Capricorn. After spending some time in the freedom loving Sagittarius, the wise Saturn moved into the serious Capricorn which tells me that we are going to be having some serious reality checks going on. This energy is very sobering, but it offers us the focus energy that we need. Saturn is Capricorn’s home planet, so this energy is intensified, as well as being a high vibration energy. This energy is high divine energy. To add to this mix, we have Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio which is giving us energy to stand in our originality. Remember, Jupiter expands, so the scorpion energy of going deep to find our hidden parts is being mixed with Mar’s straight forward original self is going to be felt hard. This is definitely a time to be crystal clear in what you want, because we are not going to be happy doing something that we truly do not wish to do. There will be some harsh truths this month, so prepare for that. Here we are asked “Where are we going? Is it where we want to be?”  

The Moon in Cancer (emotions) will be opposite of Venus and the Sun in Capricorn (serious). This is not a good placement for Venus, as it denotes some uneasiness in our love relationships. On an everyday level, this is leading us to some serious choices/decisions that we need make that cautions us not to let our emotions get in our ways. Make sure you seeing the reality of things, instead of seeing your idea of them. Cancer is about nurturing; taking care of yourself, eating right foods, de-stressing, learning moderation, and making your life and environment harmonious. When she is opposite of Capricorn, we need to set goals that will be harmonious in our lives, making those choices that will bring us health, wealth, having harmonious abundance. This is coming down to alignment. Ask yourself “Is this the right path for me?” this is all areas of your life. Be present here, because we are entering a new energy. Full moons bring completion, so there will be a lot of letting go happening. With this water and earth energy, bring your creations into reality..not just for not but for our future as well. With all the planets in an Earth sign, we are also having several planets in water signs, allow us to empower ourselves, enables us to tap into and listen to our intuitions, and gets us to focus more on our spirituality. To me, this is a balancing energy that will really help us in manifesting harmony in our lives.

Another planet we need to look at that will have a big impact is Uranus. For all of 2018, Uranus and Saturn will be trine (favoring one another) giving us good positive energy for all of the year. Uranus is in Aries right now, and is retrograde (Rx), but on the 2nd of January it will become direct giving us an extra push. From the 2nd of january to March 8th, all the planets will be direct giving us the energy, the wind we need to help us manifest that which we truly want. Aries is our root chakra, this is our foundation. When we are building our lives, we must have a good solid foundation to begin on. Uranus in Aries gives us freedom of our authentic expression, and not all will understand this. This energy allows us to break free from the box that others, including our self, have put us in. This is some intense energy, as for some, these decisions can be life changing. This energy has us doing what we have to do to get where we want to be. When Uranus moves into Taurus, it will ground this energy helping it manifest physically.

Mercury is in Sagittarius asks us how do we want 2018 to look? Are we going to do what we desire, or are we going to stay where we are?

I want to talk about the Capricorn Cancer energy here. These two are about as opposite as they can be. Cancer is comfy, cozy and chilling out on the couch kinda energy; where Capricorn is serious, get it done now type of energy. At first this can seem confusing, but here we have an awesome opportunity to manifest from our heart. WE have that creative water energy that we need to create wealth for our self, and then we have that strong earth energy that will give us focus and determination to allow our goals to become a reality. It’s time to set up what we really want out lives to be in this next year. As Capricorn can be really helpful at helping us to be focused and determined, but be care not to go into ego.

This is definitely the time to put on your BIG boy/girl britches, step up to the plate, and make things happen. On the plus side, this is a very intuitive time and by listening to our needs, helping us have a harmoniously balanced life. This is definitely a time to Master Self.


Happy New Year and Full Moon!